Crib safety concerns

Your baby’s crib should be the safest place on earth. When you put them down to sleep, we hope there isn’t a single worry in your mind. We’ve got an important list of potential crib dangers we hope you will carefully consider.

Old cribs

Many parents find hand-me-downs essential for affording all the new costs of having a child, but a crib is one place where it’s worthwhile to spend money on something new.

The standards for cribs are constantly changing and it’s important to have a crib which matches the latest safety guidelines. As recently as 2011, federal safety standards prohibit the manufacturing and sale of drop-side rail cribs. Sad to say, but that lovely crib you inherited might actually be dangerous.


You might be worried about your baby bumping up against hard crib slats, or not having a comfortable, cozy place to sleep. Unfortunately, traditional “horizontal” bumper pads have proven to be extremely dangerous and are now outlawed in some US states.

But don’t worry, you can still provide a safe and comforting place for your baby. We recommend you take a look at Wonder Bumpers from GoMamaGo Designs. Proven safe and exempt from all bans, these vertical crib bumpers zip on each crib slat, keeping baby safe while also ensuring no risk of suffocation.

Pillows and bedding

Your baby doesn’t need all the same bedroom comforts that you do. Pillows, blankets, and comforters should never be placed in a crib. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, an infant’s crib does not need any of these items. Make sure baby’s mattress is firm and that crib sheets fit tight.


Without blankets, how is your infact supposed to stay warm? There are several great options: swaddling blankets, a sleep sack or footy pajamas. They’re cute, they’re comfy, and they cover your infants whole body which helps them regulate body temperature.

Sleeping position

Place baby on their back and make sure your newborn is in the center of the crib. Having a fan in the room for air circulation is a great idea!

For the most part, crib dangers are easy to avoid if you keep yourself informed. We hope you have many peaceful nights when your newborn arrives. For a cozy crib that’s as safe as you could ever hope for, take a look at our sponsor, Wonder Bumpers, by tapping the button below.

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