Oh the things you’ll buy!

An ode to the massive quantities of things a new parent will need in their first year, set in the style of Dr. Seuss’s “Oh The Places You’ll Go.”

This poem was sponsored by our friends at Boxed Wholesale. We thank them for their inspiration, and dedication to a great customer experience.

You’ve got a baby on the way
You’ll need so many things!
Just to get through the day

Baby shower is scheduled
Your registry’s packed
But do you have everything
To survive intact?
You’re in the know. And you own what you own
But YOU must provide until baby’s full grown



A car seat for going
A stroller for strolling

A carrier for holding
And a walker for roaming

Diaper genie refills, at least a 4 pack
10 boxes of cereal for baby to snack
10 outfits for infant
10 more for toddler
A pillow for napping
For mom and for father

If you’re feeding with formula
You’ll use seven thousand ounces
Until baby’s full grown
And no longer bounces

To get through your breastfeeding ordeal
Milk storage bags
Breast pads
And some extra breastshields

12 bottles and nipples
Should be enough to start
Until baby can be
From your nipple, apart

For drinking you’ll need sippy’s
Between three and ten
For crying you’ll need pacifiers
Three, then three again

I’m sorry to say so
But, friend, it’s true
That spit-ups
And throw-ups
Will spill onto you.

You’ll need 4 burp rags
And 6 bibs to boot
5 washcloths and towels
To clean their birthday suit

And on you will wash
With nearly 200 ounces of soap
On you will wash
The same for shampoo, don’t lose hope!
On you will wash
Four thousand wet wipes to cope
Onward, through diaper rash
As their cries grow louder
You’ll soothe their sores
With eighty-eight ounces of baby powder

Do you know how many diapers you’ll need?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(Nearly two thousand five hundred, guaranteed.)


Be your baby a bubbly beautiful boy,
Or a giggly girl whose smiles destroy
You’ll need so many things!
To get through the day
Your mountain is waiting
So…start shopping today!

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