5 breastfeeding surprises we’re going to spoil for you

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Spoiler alert! Surprises make movies and television much more fun, but they definitely don’t make breastfeeding any more enjoyable. We’ve spoiled a few breastfeeding surprises, so that they won’t spoil your feeding time.

You’re probably right-breasted

Whether you’re right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous, your right breast will likely produce more milk. A 2007 study showed that in 65.7% of sessions, breastfeeding moms produced more milk in their right breast than their left. Being a little right-side heavy doesn’t have any major health risks, it’s just a fun fact of breastfeeding!

In your mouth and out your breast

You are what you eat, and your baby eats what you eat when you’re breastfeeding. This doesn’t apply to just nutrition. The flavors of your food are passed to your baby through your breast milk, so it’s an awesome idea to diversify what you’re eating so that – fingers crossed – your baby will be interested in many types of food when they move onto solid foods.

Discretion can be tres chic

Sometimes, it feels great to let it all hang out while you nurse. Other times, you might prefer a little privacy, especially when you’re out in the world. Instead of draping whichever baby blanket is closest over your chest, try the Chic Nursing Shawl from bamboobies. This versatile wardrobe essential for maternity, nursing, and beyond provides flexible, flowy comfort for both you and baby. You can wear it as a shawl, scarf, or baby!

When it rains, it “pores”

Breast milk actually comes out of several locations, not just your nipple! Depending on the person, breast milk actually comes out of 10-20 pores located around your nipple and on your areola. This is why your baby will open their teensy mouth so wide when they nurse!

Things can get a little leaky

As it turns out, just about anything that makes you think of your baby can result in you producing milk. When you hear a noise that reminds you of your baby, like another baby crying, your brain produces the hormone oxytocin, and oxytocin triggers your milk expression. You might not notice that it’s happening though, so it’s best to be prepared.

While there are so many fashion statements to try out as a new mom, milk stains probably aren’t one of them. Many moms like to slip nursing pads into their bras to keep themselves leak-proof and dry. bamboobies Nursing Pads are super highly-rated, and made of ultra-soft and soothing bamboo rayon velour with an absorbent inner layer and a milk-proof™ outer liner to help prevent embarrassing leaks! They come in fun, fashionable patterns too like flirty lace and shibori blue.

Some surprises are better off spoiled because they help you prepare for the future. With bamboobies, you can handle any surprise that breastfeeding throws your way. Because bamboobies has your front.

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