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When you’re trying to conceive, there a whole bunch of things you can do to get your body ready for the rest of your fertility journey, pregnancy, and later on, parenting. But have you thought about getting mentally prepared? Mental health is a major component of a healthy TTC journey, and Ovia wants to help you be as healthy and happy as possible.

With our added mental health content, we’re aiming to destigmatize conversations about mental health during the TTC process, provide resources for tending to and strengthening your mental health, and share strategies for making the most of these resources.

The basics

Ever wonder “>what causes depression and “>anxiety disorders, and other mood disorders including “>bipolar disorder? Or whether hormonal birth control can “>affect mental health? Or what the difference is between a “>psychologist and psychiatrist? A lot of people wonder about these things, so we hunted down the answers.

It can be hard to determine the difference between “>feeling sad and being depressed, which is why we’ve set up a “>PHQ-9 screener in Ovia. The “>PHQ-9 is a screening tool that healthcare providers use to determine whether a person has depression, and if so, how severe it is. We’ve also provided a ton of resources, because taking care of your “>mental health is important for your fertility.

The resources

In addition to Ovia, there are a ton of people who can provide insight and support when it comes to your emotional and mental health. Your primary healthcare provider can be an excellent person to “>explore and advocate for your needs with, who can help you “>access care. “>Partners and friends can help you build a healthy “>support network as well.

“>Promoting wellness while you’re trying to conceive can look however you want or need it to. You can connect with some furry friends, make time for laughter, meditate (which can be intimidating – “>we know), or find a fulfilling “>fitness routine. Or you can make up your own “>self-care practice!

The next steps

Sometimes, tending to your mental healthcare means seeking treatment. The right treatment for “>depression and “>anxiety looks different for each person, as healthcare providers make treatment decisions on an individual basis. For some people, treatment can involve “>antidepressants, which can be “>safe to use while you’re TTC and are sometimes covered by your insurance.

Ovia wants you to have the happiest and healthiest TTC journey possible, which is why we’ve added so many new articles and features to help you find balance. Start now by tapping on any of the articles above.

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