Packing your post-birth diaper bag

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For delivery, every new mom needs a hospital bag (or birthing center bag or home birth stash) packed with paperwork, toiletries, and, of course, a camera for taking pictures of your beautiful new bundle.

You won’t be alone, though — at least, once your baby arrives! Make sure you gather everything your newborn will need those first couple of days, including for the trip home, with a post-birth diaper bag.

Everything but the kitchen sink

Your baby will be a lot smaller than you are, so their bag won’t need to be as Mary Poppins-esque as your bag will be. Diaper bags can carry a lot, though, so don’t stuff it so full that you have trouble lifting it post-delivery!

If you’re giving birth at a hospital, there are a few essentials you should absolutely bring (and a lot of items you can probably do without). One thing you may want to toss in is baby nail clippers or a nail file, as newborns often come out of the womb with long, jagged nails.

Diapers you can count on

In the end-of-pregnancy haze so many expecting moms experience, it can be easy to forget the most important item that goes in a diaper bag: diapers. Fear not! The hospital has more than enough diapers for your baby’s first few days.

In fact, you might want to sneak a few into your diaper bag to make sure you have enough of the right size that first week. The diapers there will likely be Pampers Swaddlers because they’re the #1 choice of hospitals.*

Onesie, twosie, redsie, bluesie

The hospital you deliver at will likely provide something for your baby to wear. But if you’re trying to guarantee that you get the most adorable first photos, you might want to bring other outfits. As we mentioned, you’ll also need something for your baby to wear on the ride home.

Consider the weather. A bodysuit, booties, and a hat could be fine during the warmer months, but in winter, pack mittens and a jacket or blanket, as well.

Wipe away those tears of joy

As a mom-to-be, you might want to get acquainted with your new best friend: wipes. Think of wipes as the world’s best napkins. They might have been designed to clean your baby’s bottom, but they’ll end up being your on-the-go clean-up station for years to come. Give in to the power of wipes now by packing them in both your personal bag and your diaper bag.

Every person’s labor and delivery is totally unique. It can be beautiful, surprising, earth-shattering, and emotional. One thing it’ll most definitely be, though, is messy. Wipe away the blood, sweat, and tears of joy that happen during labor with clinically proven gentle Pampers Sensitive Wipes.

Once you’ve packed your personal bag as well as your mini-me’s, you’re all set! Tap below to complete your diaper bag with Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Sensitive Wipes.

Finish packing now

*Based on hospital sales data.

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