Four signs it’s time to change your baby’s diaper

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Babies are notoriously tight-lipped, but just because they won’t tell you how they’re feeling verbally, doesn’t mean they won’t show you. Here are a few ways to tell that your baby is in dire need of a diaper change.

That mischievous face

You know that surprised, scrunched-up face people make when they’re eating something really sour? That’s what babies often look like when they’re pooping. Every baby’s “wet diaper face” is different, but once you learn what your baby’s looks like, you can intervene and get them clean, dry, and comfy sooner.

An all too familiar smell

There are some smells that are loved by just about everyone, like freshly baked cookies, a long anticipated rainfall, and the first lilacs of spring. And then there are a few smells that are pretty universally feared, like dirty diapers.

Some diapers contain perfumes, scented lotions, or other odor eaters that can actually make it hard to tell when it’s time for a change. Diapers that provide a scent light enough to temper the power of the your baby’s mess, but still allow their scent to waft, like Pampers Swaddlers, are ideal.

A helping hand

A diaper that’s wet to the touch, or that has soaked through to your baby’s clothes, is pretty obvious. Hopefully, you’ll have an awesome diaper that keeps your baby (and the outside of their diaper) dry and comfortable.

One way to find out whether a diaper is full, without having to actually feel inside of it, is to hold your hand over the front of your baby’s diaper and jiggle it a teensy bit to see if it moves. A Pampers Swaddlers diaper has absorbing gel inside of it, and with its soft and stretchy sides a full diaper should feel like it has wiggly jelly inside of it.

Say yes to the tech

Since no one enjoys sticking their nose right up to their baby’s diaper, the best diaper technology can make your life way easier. Pampers Swaddlers feature a game-changing, Color-Changing Wetness Indicator that lets you know when your baby might need a new diaper. With Extra Absorb Channels and Absorb Away Liners, Pampers Swaddlers keep your baby as comfortable and dry as possible between changes too.

Congratulations! By finishing this article, you’ve become a certified dirty diaper detective. Tap below to pick up some of the best tools Pampers provides.

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