What makes a diaper work

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There are a lot of options when it comes to how you diaper your baby. Understanding how a diaper works will help you know what to look for when you’re weighing your options.

Moisture transfer

The most important thing a diaper does is keep your baby’s skin dry to help prevent irritation and stop bacteria from growing. For instance, Pampers Swaddlers have several layers of materials designed to work together to move excess moisture away from your baby’s skin.

There’s an outer cover called the backsheet that’s made with breathable, cloth-like fibers that help control moisture and prevent wetness from transferring to your baby’s clothes. On the inside of the diaper is a protective layer called a topsheet that sits against your baby’s skin and covers them in Blankie Softness. Below that is the unique Absorb Away Liner that pulls wetness and mess away from your baby’s skin.

Super absorbency

Now that you’ve pulled the moisture away, where does it go?

One of the biggest innovations that led to the modern diaper was the discovery of super absorbing gels, compounds that can hold up to 30 times their own weight in liquid! The more liquid a diaper can absorb, the better it will be at keeping your baby clean and dry.

They start out as a dry powder and then become a gel as they absorb liquid. Pampers Swaddlers are lined with Extra Absorb Channels that distribute wetness evenly instead of in a heavy clump in the middle of the diaper. This is what lets Pampers Swaddlers provide up to twelve hours of protection, which is especially useful at night.

Wetness indicators

If a diaper is doing what it’s supposed to do, your baby should be dry and comfortable and smell clean. These days, diapers have gotten so good at their job that there’s sometimes no way to know that your little one has made a mess!

Some of the most high-tech diapers, like Pampers Swaddlers, come with a wetness indicator. It’s a strip that changes color when it comes in contact with moisture. This way you know when your baby needs changing without any guesswork.

Soft materials

The first generation of disposable diapers were stiff and didn’t easily bend to the shape of your baby. New blended materials allow your baby to move all about without the diaper coming loose or restricting their movement.

Wrap your baby in a diaper that’s 2x softer with Pampers Swaddlers. Their comforting Heart Quilts liner provides breathability and comfort while pulling wetness and mess away from the skin. They even have soft and stretchy sides that flex with your baby’s every move. This makes them more comfortable, and has the added effect of helping keep any mess contained and not pushed out of the sides of the diaper.

Modern diapers really are an incredible combination of science and ingenuity. Pampers Swaddlers have earned their title as the #1 choice of hospitals, nurses, and parents* by consistently providing the very best in newborn protection and comfort. In your quest to find the diaper that works best for your family, be sure to learn more about why so many moms choose Pampers.

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