Why is everyone else pregnant?

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For anyone who has been trying to conceive for a while, the feeling that everyone else around you is pregnant can be frustrating. It might feel like every grocery store and park is just riddled with dozens of babies and women with bumps. Here are a few rules to live by that can help you protect your own wellbeing while still feeling happy for the moms-to-be that you encounter.

Don’t be afraid to establish boundaries

There is no law or standard etiquette that says you have to attend every baby shower you’re invited to. If sitting in a room full of people who are discussing childbirth and newborns sounds like emotional torture, you can write your friend a nice note or just send a gift. If you want to attend and the party is honoring someone you are close to, go! But feel free to remove yourself from uncomfortable situations by stepping outside or refilling your punch glass.

The same is true of other social gatherings where a number of pregnant women might be. If you know that the conversation will be dominated by baby talk, you can give your heartfelt regrets and do something that makes you feel good, like a special date night or a long bike ride. Above all, trust your gut and don’t get wound up in the expectations that you perceive others have.

Remember that everyone has a story

When you’re desperately waiting for happy pregnancy news, it’s easy to feel like everyone else conceived in a matter of days. There’s a good chance, though, that many of your acquaintances and friends have struggled through miscarriages, infertility battles, and other hardships you just don’t know about.

A good friend who is either going through it herself or has been there in the past can be an invaluable resource – keep her on speed dial for the moments when you feel like you are under assault from happy pregnancy news.

Get the help you need

It’s easy to think that other people are just lucky, but as we’re sure you know, getting pregnant can be hard work so make sure you’ve got all the tools for the job. Using Ovia to understand your cycle is an excellent first step, and predicting your most fertile days with an ovulation kit is a great idea too.¹

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¹ Based on directions for use of Ovulation Test.

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