Super fun activities that are TTC-safe

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Trying to conceive can easily become an all-consuming pursuit. It’s important not to let the stress of the TTC rollercoaster keep you from having fun and enjoying your loved ones. Soon these days of unfettered freedom might be behind you, so enjoy some of these fertility-friendly activities while you can.

Kick off your shoes

Taking dance classes can be a great way to laugh together, meet new people, and stay physically fit. Most experts agree that increasing physical activity is beneficial for TTC, and we’re willing to bet they’d also agree that exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Investigate your city’s salsa dancing (or country line dancing, or ballroom dancing) options and become a regular! In many places, you can take free community classes. All that eye contact and touching can be a fun and easy way to enhance intimacy with your partner too.

Get cooking

Healthy eating is crucial before and during pregnancy, so seize the opportunity to learn how to make new dishes and try new techniques. Most cities have gourmet food stores that offer cooking classes or other educational events, and new “do-it-yourself” meal kits provide all the ingredients and simple instructions for how to make a healthy meal.

Pack your bags

There are charming small towns across the country that are just waiting to be discovered. Do a quick Internet search (or ask around), book a room in a quaint bed-and-breakfast and hit the road, stopping to eat interesting roadside food along the way. If you have a larger travel budget and more time, choose a country you have always wanted to see and make it happen. The time for spontaneity is now.

Find a new cause

This is the perfect time to donate time, money, or resources to a cause that you care about. If you have a free afternoon, volunteer for a tutoring program. You could raise money on social media to build clean water resources, or donate extra canned goods to a local shelter. There are service opportunities for every type of person, and it can be nice to focus on something other than your own stress for a little bit.

Rediscover romance

It’s an unfortunate byproduct of trying to conceive – romance can get lost in the tracking, the charts, and the urgency. Make a commitment to remember why you want to conceive a baby with your partner in the first place, with intentional, creative date nights and new twists on intimacy.

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¹ Based on directions for use of Ovulation Test.

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