Baby clothes 101

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Looking at baby clothes is all fun and games until you realize you need a full wardrobe for your baby. You want to make sure you have everything you need…but figuring out what that entails? Well, that’s the hard part.

Having plenty of adorable outfits will make for amazing pictures, but your baby probably won’t be rocking the fancy stuff every day. But don’t worry! We’ve outlined all of the newborn-ready essentials, so that your baby’s closet will be fully stocked and ready to go by the time they arrive.

What are the clothing essentials my baby needs?

Let’s start with the basics. If you find yourself not wanting to do laundry every day (who does?), you’ll want at least ten comfy basics your baby can live in. These can be bodysuits, rompers, infant gowns, or tops and pants.

  • Bodysuits are one-pieces that cover your baby’s arms and chest, but leave their legs exposed. They’re perfect for warm, comfortable climates and wiggling all over their cozy crib.
  • Rompers are exactly the same as bodysuits, except they cover your baby’s legs as well. These can be super cute for slightly more formal occasions, like your baby’s grocery store debut!
  • Infant gowns aren’t as fancy as they sound. They’re essentially bodysuits with cinched, open bottoms that keep your baby warm and cozy, but allow for super easy access, which you’ll want for those lightning-fast diaper changes.
  • Tops and bottoms might sound like clothes you wear yourself, but the tops and pants your baby will wear have a lot more snaps than your clothes do. Some infant tops even have fold-over mitts to keep babies from scratching, and to keep you from searching everywhere for their tiny mittens.

Are there any necessary accessories?

Babies need hats to regulate their temperature, especially immediately after they’re born. Healthy, full-term infants don’t need to wear hats once they’re home, but you’ll want to have one or two for colder weather (and for fashion purposes, of course!). You may also want additional mittens and socks to keep those teeny fingers and toes warm.

Miniature clothes and hats aren’t the only things that will keep your baby cozy – blankets and burp cloths will too. The blankets your baby comes home from the hospital with will be quite a bit smaller than the one that becomes their forever “blankie,” so many parents like to have two smaller blankets for the first three months (so there’s one to use while the other is in the wash) before moving on to “blankie.”

Burp cloths made of super absorbent (and extra soft) organic cotton are perfect for patting, wiping, and smudging away your baby’s messes and are part of many infant wardrobes.

Which materials should I be looking for?

Your baby’s clothes sit right up against their delicate skin, so it’s important that you feel confident in the quality of the fabric. Most baby clothes are made from cotton because it’s soft and absorbent. Organic cotton is a sustainable choice and super gentle on baby skin because it’s free from the chemicals that are used to treat many cotton products. Look for clothes that have been GOTS certified – it’s the leading environmental standard for organic textiles.

The bottom line

Your baby’s wardrobe essentials are so important. You want to get them from a brand you trust — one that uses quality fabric and has adorable designs, so that you don’t have to spend a ton of time finding the best of the basics.

Moms love Layettes from Monica + Andy, and with good reason: Layettes take the guesswork out of building your baby’s foundational wardrobe. They include the essentials that dress, bundle, and cuddle your baby for the first few months – everything we’ve talked about and more. Each Monica + Andy Cuddle Box is filled with a curated collection of their organic newborn essentials, so you have exactly what you need from day one. And bonus! It all matches.

Monica + Andy’s team even tucks instructions in to these curated sets to remind you which items go to the hospital and how to get that bodysuit on and off! They take care of the basics, so that you can spend your time figuring out this whole parenthood thing. Tap below to complete your newborn’s wardrobe in just one click with Monica + Andy: organic essentials for moms with babies, made by moms with babies.

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