Prepping for conception: Resetting your body

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The fact that you’ve decided to start or grow your family means that you’re a planner now (if you weren’t already). And as you set out on this journey, it’s really important to plan out a little time to take care of yourself and your body.

Set intentions and expectations

Write down a few ways in which you’ll practice self care during your fertility journey. If classic self care activities like yoga and meditation make you feel centered and ready to take on the world, amazing, but if they don’t, identify what does and make time for precisely that.

Maybe getting out in nature fills up your cup, some quality time with a partner or close friend, listening to music, a warm bath or a long shower – all amazing! Write down the activities that make your body feel good, so that you can reference them when you need a little TLC while you’re TTC.

Expand your exercise routine

The fertility journey (and pregnancy) will have you engaging muscles that might not be key parts of your current workout routine like your pelvic floor, lower back, and core. Add exercises that strengthen these muscles to your daily routine now to get ahead of the curve.

You don’t even need to change into yoga pants to work your pelvic floor, which is one of the most important muscles during pregnancy. All you have to do is act like you’re holding in your pee, wait for ten seconds, release, and then repeat ten times (or more if you’re feeling athletic)! It’s pretty easy to do while you’re making a snack, waiting in line, or watching TV.

Cut back on caffeine

Don’t worry! You don’t have to eliminate your morning cup of joe. Experts suggest capping it at 200 milligrams — or 12 ounces of coffee a day, depending on the type of coffee and how much caffeine is in it. Studies suggest that consuming more could have an effect on fertility or risk of early pregnancy loss.

Plus, you won’t want to overdo it during pregnancy as caffeine can increase your blood pressure, you and baby’s heart rates, and lead to dehydration and other adverse effects. It’s worth cutting back now, just to get in the habit.

Return to natural hormone production

The hormones in hormonal contraceptive methods like the pill, patch, and some IUDs – estrogen and progestin – work to prevent ovulation by change the lining of the uterus and shifting the consistency of cervical mucus temporarily. After going off hormonal contraception, your body works hard for 3-6 months to detox the excess hormones that prevent pregnancy.

If you’re looking to get a jump start on the detox process, Premama’s Birth Control Cleanse is specifically formulated with antioxidant vitamins C + E to naturally promote the breakdown and removal of excess hormones and environmental toxins stored in your body.  It’s a 28-day drink mix that promotes circulation to the uterus and helps regulate your menstrual cycle with chasteberry and essential nutrients, which can improve your uterine health. Think of it as a way to reset—your first step once you’ve stopped taking birth control, or for those who simply want to get their hormones back in balance.

The next step in Premama’s four stage system is Fertility Support For Her, an unflavored drink mix that provides natural reproductive support for women trying to conceive. It’s the #1 selling over-the-counter fertility-enhancing supplement, and uses myo-inisitol to improve egg quality, regulate your menstrual cycle, restore ovulatory function. It supports you during the earliest and most critical stage – before you even know you’re pregnant.

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