Finding the right baby items (with a little help from your friends)

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Let us introduce you to your registry squad: the experts at buybuy BABY. They’re the friends who know baby stuff inside out – and they’re here to help.

The one with the checklist

She’s the friend who reaches out first, plans every get-together down to the tiniest detail, and has separate, leather-bound planners for her social life and for work. She’s probably a Virgo. Meet the Interactive Checklist.

She anticipates your needs by appearing as a pop-up bar on the side of your screen, ready to confirm whether you’ve added every bath essential to your registry. She even links you right to the pages where you can find the top-rated items in every category and sub-category. Who knew you’ll need a bath kneeler to save your knees while you’re bathing your little one? She did!

The analyst

This is the friend who helps you think through every important decision. She’s the queen of the pro/con list, the master of the Excel spreadsheet, and the one who knows which items give you the best value for the money. She’s the Registry Analyzer.

She knows it’s important to you that your registry is balanced with items at a variety of price points, so that everyone – your friends, family, and even your coworker Susan – can find you the perfect gift. At any point while you’re creating your registry, you can count on her to tell it to you straight at the push of the Analyze My Registry button.

The friend who’s practically a sister

You’ve known her for ages, and she just might know you better than you know yourself. She’s a few steps ahead of you on the parenting journey and is up-to-date not only on the highest-rated products, but also the hippest. You might know her as the Ask A Friend tool.

She knows better than anyone that it takes a village to raise a baby, and she also knows what worked best for her (her feeding pillow changed her life). With the Ask A Friend tool, you can invite friends and family to suggest products they know you’ll love, so you can easily add them directly to your registry.

The hands-on expert

She’s the friend who knows everything about everything, but isn’t a know-it-all. She can explain how baby nail clippers work, talk you through crib sheet selection, and is the diaper cream whisperer. You can call her with any question any time. She’s the Registry Consultant.

She’ll ask you a ton of questions too, so you can create your perfect registry together. All you have to do is schedule a free in-store appointment with her, and she’ll even send you home with a free goody bag, filled with free samples, coupons, and a copy of buybuy BABY’s Registry Guide.

Loving your new squad? Because they’re loving you. The experts at buybuy BABY will be here for you from the moment you start your registry to the moment you send your last thank you note. Tap below to get started!

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