Finding support no matter your feeding choice

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Everyone has an opinion on how you “should” parent, but your opinion is the most important one. You get to build your parenting village in whatever way you like, and making sure that there are people who support you and your feeding choices now can be a big help when you need someone to talk about those late night feedings with later.

There are challenges that come with any type of feeding. For women who are breastfeeding, difficulty latching, painful nursing, and low milk supply are typical concerns that a lactation consultant can help with. Lactation consultants are professionally-trained breastfeeding experts who can teach you how to stay as comfortable as possible while feeding your baby.

Friends and family members who have had babies can be great resources too, since anyone who has spent many months nourishing a baby is an expert in what at least one baby responds well to. People who have bottle fed likely have favorite bottles, drying racks, and feeding pillows to recommend, as well as tips for storage and washing bottles on the go.

If you want to know what a larger group of people have done or want to ask something privately, you can ask a question anonymously in Ovia Community like “How did you choose a brand of formula?”

Before you’ve started feeding your baby, it can be hard to know which questions to ask. When you sign up for updates about your baby’s development through Enfamil Family Beginnings, you’ll receive monthly emails containing nutrition tips from experts for you and your baby. Enfamil is here to provide resources and expert information, no matter your feeding choice.

The best way for them to provide that expert support is through Enfamil Family Beginnings. Whether you’re pregnant and still unsure about your feeding plan of choice, or you have a newborn and are thinking of supplementing with formula, Enfamil Family Beginnings has a lot to offer. They provide valuable information when you need it most, as well up to $400 in free gifts for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, baby’s first year, and into toddlerhood.

In that moment when you’re cradling your baby and sharing their first meal, the most important thing is that your baby is happy, healthy, and hopefully hungry. Finding the right support can help you make the most of that moment and every feeding after. Tap below to join Enfamil Family Beginnings.

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