What does Ovia’s Hospital Lookup Tool do?

This tool shows you which hospitals in your area are the most labor-friendly and helps you make an informed decision about your hospital of choice. Not all hospitals provide the same level of care or have the same resources available for their patients. That’s why Ovia uses the term “labor-friendly” to describe hospitals that provide the highest quality of care. Studies have shown that hospitals with lower C-section rates may offer more support and resources to aid in the progression of labor, thus making them more “labor-friendly”.  Hospitals with high star-ratings have lower C-section rates. This means that compared to other hospitals, they are more reliable in providing the staffing and personal attention needed to support you in labor. As a result, more women are able to have their babies without the risks and extended recovery that comes with an unnecessary C-section. That is why we call these hospitals “labor-friendly.” This tool will show you the highest rated labor-friendly hospitals in your area to help you make an informed decision about your hospital of choice.

In this tool, high-star hospitals are more labor-friendly, while low-star hospitals are less labor-friendly.

When it comes to your labor and delivery, the hospital where you choose to give birth may ultimately be more important than your provider. Because your provider isn’t always on call, it’s possible (and in some cases even likely) that they won’t be there the day you deliver. Choosing a high-star, labor-friendly hospital with Ovia’s Hospital Lookup Tool makes it more likely that you will have excellent care from whomever is there when you go into labor.

How to use the Hospital Lookup Tool:

  1. Enter your zip code into the search bar
  2. Browse hospitals in your area and see which are rated highest. Hospitals with more stars are the most labor-friendly, and hospitals with fewer stars are less labor-friendly.
  3. Click on individual hospitals to see their C-section rate and address.
  4. If you’d like to learn more about a specific hospital, call their Labor & Delivery department
  5. Select an OB/GYN or midwife who is affiliated with your selected facility
  6. Once you select a hospital, mark it as your delivery hospital in Ovia.

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