The skincare heroes we’re celebrating this Earth Month

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There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Month throughout the spring. You can shop for local produce at the farmer’s market (fun fact: it can actually be cheaper than produce at the supermarket), take your little one on a nature walk (or stroll) to pick up litter, or organize a carpool for daycare or work.

Our favorite way to celebrate Earth Month his year is with Mustela’s limited edition French Farmacy collection. They’re launching four limited edition bottles of their baby hair and body wash, and each biodegradable formula is a playful nod to the hero ingredient found in each: Avocado Perseose®, Beeswax, Sunflower Oil Distillate® and Schizandra.

From the farm to the French pharmacy to your baby’s skin. Ready to meet our Earth Day heroes?

Diego the Avocado for normal skin

You can find Diego hanging out in Gentle Cleansing Gel for normal skin, which safely and effectively cleans and soothes baby hair and skin while keeping the skin’s natural oils intact. Diego the Avocado is known formally as Avocado Perseose®, which is a patented, natural ingredient that’s extracted from the heart of the avocado. It works in harmony with baby skin to hydrate and acts as a protective shield.

Lily the Bee for dry skin

Lily is a busy bee who spends her time buzzing around Mustela’s Nourishing Cleansing Gel with Cold Cream for dry skin. What she leaves behind is beeswax, which works to nourish and deeply hydrate dry, flaky baby skin while protecting the skin from the drying effects of bathing.

Oliver the Sunflower for eczema-prone skin

Oliver spends most of his time soaking up the sun in Stelatopia® Cleansing Cream for eczema-prone skin. His friends at Mustela know him as Sunflower Oil Distillate®, which is a patented ingredient with soothing properties that replenishes the skin with lipids, which are essential to maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier. This especially gentle formula is perfect for comforting and protecting for babies with eczema-prone skin.

Eva the Schizandra for very sensitive skin

And our last hero is Eva, who is the champion of Soothing Cleansing Gel for very sensitive skin. Her last name is Schizandra, which means she’s a berry extract. As an adaptogen, Eva the Schizandra reduces inflammation and helps protect the skin from environmental stressors. This fragrance-free, biodegradable formula is specifically designed to relieve sensations of tingling and tightness for babies and children with very sensitive, rashy, or reactive skin.

As a B Corp certified brand, Mustela cares about environmental sustainability. All of their products are designed to minimize environmental impact and are formulated with ethically-sourced natural ingredients. Every one of their careful formulas are made of 95% natural ingredients and excludes all questionable ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and phenoxyethanol.

Tap below to shop for Diego, Lily, Eva, and Oliver. These limited edition heroes from Mustela are good for the planet and good for your baby.

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