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Getting pregnant with Ovia: Your quick start guide

We’re so excited to help you start (or expand!) your family. Get started with Ovia Fertility with these quick tips.

Your pregnancy guide

If you or your partner are thinking about having a baby, here are some helpful steps to take.


Entering your data into Ovia does more than just mark it on a calendar: it tells a story about your health. Ovia uses the data you log to improve your cycle projections, give you personalized feedback, and deliver tips and content to your timeline. Logging your period, symptoms, mood, cervical fluid, sleep, activity, and more will help you learn about your health and your fertility.

Just click on the “+” icon at the top of your timeline to enter each day’s info. If you forget, you can always go back in your calendar to add data. You can even customize the tracking categories on your data log page by clicking the “Settings” gear.


Get to know Ovia by exploring your timeline every day! You’ll see a selection of articles, tips, fun facts, and info based on the data you log. Your timeline is totally customized based on your health profile, your data entry, and your current cycle stage, so make sure to take a look every day.


In addition to the content delivered to your timeline every day, you can find hundreds of articles under your “more” menu. You can browse through categories such as “Fertility 101,” “Nutrition,” “How do I track my fertility?” and “How do I get pregnant faster?” Our articles are written and reviewed by experts, and you can always find the sources referenced at the bottom of the article.  


Click on the bubble icon in your bottom bar menu to open Community. This is a place for you to ask and answer questions anonymously with other Ovia users in a safe, supportive environment. To get the most relevant answers, you can even target your questions to specific groups of users. For example, you could send your question about IVF just to other users who are around your age, in your state, and using assisted reproductive technology.

In the Community section, you’ll also see questions from MyQ, which is Ovia’s way of getting to know you a little better and updating your profile.


Your fertility chart contains all of your fertility data in one place, allowing you to see how all your data works together. What’s your temperature around your fertile window? Are you having sex on your ovulation date? Is your cervical fluid always the same right before your fertile window? Your fertility chart can keep track of all your most important information and help you identify patterns and trends.

Viewing your essential fertility data (your fertility score, basal body temperature, intercourse, and cervical fluid) and the dates for your period and fertile window will help you understand your data and see how it relates to your entire cycle and fertility health.


Now that you’ve read most of your pregnancy guide, take a look in the “more” menu to see all the other resources and tools available to you in Ovia Fertility.

You can look at your calendar to see when you are (and aren’t) fertile, browse through articles and search for specific topics, and ask (and answer!) questions anonymously in Community. You can also take the health assessment to unlock new content and browse and search our FAQs to learn more!

There’s so much to do! Ready to get started? First thing’s first: let’s log some data.

Log today’s data

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