It takes a village: How community programs can enrich your baby’s life

You (or you and your partner) may be the center of your baby’s world, but every parent needs a helping hand now and then. Being an active part of your community is a great way for your whole family to make connections and to feel supported. Maybe you haven’t spent much time looking into community programs in your area before, but public programs can be a great resource for your future and your baby’s.

  • Library programs: Encouraging a love of learning in your little one can start the day they are born! Storytime at the library is a great way for babies to get to be a part of fun activities around books from the very beginnings of their lives – and for new parents to get out of the house in a baby-friendly environment, and to meet other parents with kids around the same age. As your child grows, story time might be replaced by summer reading programs and homework help, so introducing them to the library now is a great way to get them started.
  • Parks programs: Most towns and cities have some form of parks department, and these departments are often great opportunities for fun outdoor activities from summer camps to scavenger hunts. Some activities organized by parks departments, like swimming lessons, are also important for public safety.
  • Nutrition programs: Programs like the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is designed to help young families with a range of different background and needs get a little extra help giving their children the healthiest start possible. WIC is available to families with young children starting during pregnancy and going through age five. These are crucial years for physical development when getting the right nutrients is especially important. To see if your family qualifies for WIC, tap the button below to visit their website.
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