Track everything baby in Ovia Parenting

We’re so excited to announce the release of baby health tracking for Ovia Parenting!

Now you can track Baby‘s feedings, diapers, and sleep, right from the Ovia Parenting app.

You can track:

  • Breastfeeding: If you breastfeed, you’ll always know which side your little one nursed on last. You can log feeding sessions or time them as you go.
  • Bottle feeding: Track ounces, type (formula or breastmilk), and time!
  • Sleep: It might not feel like your tiny roommate is sleeping much, but we promise those Zzz’s add up!
  • Diaper changes: Count up all those #1s and #2s!

You can even share tracking info with your partner and other caregivers so everyone is up to date on what your little one’s been up to all day. Just go to “Invite Friends and Family” and then “Invite an admin” to add. The more caregivers changing their diapers, the merrier!

We’re so excited to have tracking join the other amazing features already in Ovia Parenting: milestone tracking, photo/video sharing with friends and family, and articles about parenting and child development!

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