Self care and stress while you’re trying to conceive

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The process of growing your family can take a major toll on your stress level. We’ve put together a few ways to respond to common stressors during the fertility journey.

Stressor: Pregnancy tests

Is there anything more anxiety inducing than staring at a pregnancy test, waiting for the moment it will finally display your results? How about opening your medicine cabinet to see a row of pregnancy tests staring back at you, just waiting to be peed on? We’re already sweating.

Suggestion: Try not to put too much pressure on yourself as you’re taking these tests; you can even make it a fun experience. Put on some music, or play a game on your phone while you’re waiting to see your results. Maybe you’ll get some amazing news, or maybe you’ll try again. No matter what, don’t let the test stress you out — that little stick is a tool, not your enemy!

Stressor: Healthcare provider appointments

Many people have negative feelings about visits to see their healthcare provider — maybe you do too? Maybe it’s because you hated getting shots as a kid, maybe it’s because of volatile hospital dramas on TV, or maybe it’s because you feel like your healthcare provider gives you a little side-eye sometimes.

Suggestion: Whatever it is, there’s often a little bit of nervous energy buzzing around every waiting room. Remember, your healthcare provider is there to make sure you’re doing well and feeling comfortable, so if you have questions or concerns, bring them up! It’s your providers job to address them all.

One way to reduce the stress of all these appointments is to sit down beforehand and make a list of the things you want to ask or discuss. You’ll feel more prepared and won’t feel as pressured to come up with all the right questions in the moment.

Stressor: Friends and family

They mean well…they really do. But the constant advice and questions and comments can get to be a little much. Nope, I’m not pregnant yet. Yes, we’ve tried that position. No, I didn’t know that seaweed boosts your fertility; I’ll have to go pull some out of the lake…

Suggestion: Try gently telling your family and friends that while you appreciate their curiosity, they’ll be the first to know if you have news to share or advice to seek. Also, feel free to let them know the kinds of things they can do to actually support you on your journey, like helping you relax or running interference when others get too nosey.

Stressor: Cost of fertility treatment

Thanks to scientific advances, there are so many fertility resources available like IVF treatment, genetic testing, fertility medication, egg testing, and donor services. Unfortunately, science hasn’t yet found a way to expand our bank accounts and fill them with tons and tons of money just yet.

Suggestion: If you’re anxious about the cost of seeking the treatment you want or need, that makes sense. A lot of treatments are expensive, but you don’t need to pay for everything out of pocket. If you’re insured, check to see if your insurance provider covers these treatments.

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