Different options for transporting your breast milk home with Milk Stork

Breastfeeding is tough. Being a working mom of a young child is even tougher. Traveling for work, while making sure your little one still gets all of the nutrition they need to grow up happy and healthy? Come on.

Just a few years ago, formula may have been the best option for moms who travel for work, but these days, you have options. Your employer has partnered with Milk Stork, a service that lets business travelers ship or tote their refrigerated breast milk home from anywhere in the United States – and, for some companies, anywhere in the world – at no cost.

Two or three options to choose from

Depending on the needs of your company, Milk Stork offers either two or three options to transport your refrigerated breast milk. These options are either Pump & Tote and Pump & Ship or Pump & TotePump & Ship, and International Pump & Check. Each of these choices comes in 34 oz and 72 oz options.

The Pump & Tote

Milk Stork’s Pump & Tote option lets you transport refrigerated breast milk in as a carry-on. The Pump & Tote cooler provides up to 60 hours of refrigeration and comes with a convenient tote bag.

If you bring it as a carry-on, you’ll need to notify TSA that you are doing so. TSA will likely inspect both the cooler and the milk itself, but you can ask them not to X-ray the breast milk.

It can be helpful to review and print the TSA guidelines for bringing breast milk as a carry-on.

The Pump & Ship

If you’re going to be away for more than a few days, the Pump & Ship may be a good option for you. The Milk Stork Pump & Ship cooler comes with everything you need to pack and ship your milk home. This includes a shipping cooler that is pre-labeled and pre-addressed with a FedEx Priority Overnight shipping label, breast milk storage bags, and shipping seals. The Pump & Ship cooler provides a minimum of 72 hours of refrigeration.

When you are ready to ship your milk, pack your refrigerated breast milk in your Milk Stork cooler according to the instructions provided. You must schedule the pick up with FedEx and your hotel.  If your hotel or destination is unable to assist you with your FedEx pick up, you may use a FedEx approved shipping location that works with your specific travel plans and schedule. 

Please note that FedEx provides service Monday through Saturday. FedEx does not deliver or pick up on Sundays and certain holidays. Shipments sent on Saturday will be scheduled for delivery the following Monday.

The International Pump & Check

The Milk Stork International Pump & Check enables users to check their breast milk as luggage when traveling internationally. The Milk Stork International Pump & Check is a 108 oz. cooler and provides a minimum of 90 hours of refrigeration from activation. This cooler kit includes breast milk storage bags, travel bag with luggage tag. Milk Stork Pump & Checks are shipped to your international and require a minimum lead time of (4) business days.

Get started

Milk Stork makes it easy to make sure that your child is getting all of the nutrition they need, even while you’re away on business. To learn more about Milk Stork, or to get started today, you can tap the button below to visit the website.

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