Frequently asked questions about Milk Stork

Your benefits with Milk Stork make it free and easy to ship pumped breast milk while traveling for business anywhere in the US, and anywhere in the world for employers that offer international coverage. Read on for some frequently asked questions about Milk Stork. 

How do I pack my Milk Stork cooler?

Please watch How to Pack videos here. 

How long will the Milk Stork coolers maintain temperature?

Refrigerated: between 60-90 hours depending on the cooler

Frozen: up to 96 hours

How do I schedule my FedEx pick up?

Most business-friendly hotels are happy to assist their guests in scheduling a FedEx pick up. If your hotel or destination is unable to assist you with your FedEx shipment, you may use a FedEx approved shipping location that works with your specific travel plans and schedule.

If your hotel is tendering your outbound shipment to FedEx, please make sure to monitor your tracking number(s) to ensure that the handoff with FedEx occurs.

Can I open my Milk Stork cooler and add milk throughout the day?

No. Milk Stork coolers are designed to maintain the temperature of your breast milk while it is transit to its final destination. We recommend that you activate the cooling unit (if refrigerated) and then pack your milk into the cooler all at once. 

To maintain the internal temperature of the cooler once it is packed, please refrain from opening the cooler as much as possible.

How does the Milk Stork cooler work?

REFRIGERATED:  Milk Stork coolers rely on the principle of evaporative cooling, continuously evaporating small quantities of water at low pressure over hours and days of operation. Water flow within the cooler is regulated – responding to ambient temperatures – which protects the cooler’s contents from external temperature fluctuations during shipping.

FROZEN:  Milk Stork coolers work with high performance, vacuum insulated panels that will maintain the frozen temperature for up to 96 hours, which begins once the milk is packed into the cooler. No dry ice needed! 

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Milk Stork helps moms ship their breast milk all across the country, and, for employers who offer international coverage, across the world! Milk Stork’s breast milk shipping service is covered as a benefit through your employer, so there’s no cost to you if you’re traveling for business. You can learn more about Milk Stork by tapping the button below to visit your employer’s portal at their website.

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