Designing a nursery that plays nicely with the rest of your home

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Babies are opinionated about lots of things: when to eat, when to poop, when to wake you up in the middle of the night…every night. But nursery decor? Most haven’t fully honed their aesthetic quite yet.

Your little one might throw a fit about the wall paint in a few years, but right now, the design choices are all up to you. So, where to begin?

Take the time to define your current aesthetic

Right now, your home has a vibe whether you created one intentionally or not. Think about how it feels when you enter a friend’s house. There’s a distinctive scent, tchotchkes that are so them, and a combination of furniture that only they would pick out (or end up with).

Walk around your home and determine what makes your interior design style uniquely yours. Come up with three to four words that describe your aesthetic and write them down. When you’re picking out nursery decor, make sure that it falls in line with these words.

Find places for wiggle room

Your baby’s nursery doesn’t need to look as sophisticated as the rest of your home. In fact, it probably shouldn’t! Your baby won’t be hosting elegant dinner parties or doing their taxes in there—they’ll be sleeping, changing, and playing.

Find the elements of your design aesthetic that could be a little more playful and dial those up. Maybe that’s with a fairytale fox statement lamp or a geometric hanging textile. Or maybe you go a little bit wilder with safari themed crib bedding. Just make sure everything you choose feels true to the words you chose to describe your aesthetic.

Make some logistical decisions

Do you want your nursery to be gender-specific or gender neutral? Do you want your changing table, crib, and even your hamper to match down to the claw-foot accent or are you looking for a more eclectic look? Only you can answer these questions, so start asking them!

The idea of a cutesy room breaking up an otherwise seamless design aesthetic can be a little undesirable. Sure, you need to have a room full of baby products, but you have to look at them too. That’s why Crate and Kids designs their furniture and decor with a grownup-friendly aesthetic.

When you create a registry with Crate and Kids, you get instant access to tons of perks like free expert design services, an easy-to-track mobile app, and a 15% completion discount. Ready to register?

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