Narrowing down your nursery ideas

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Whether you have pages from every parenting magazine arranged on a nursery vision board or have no idea where to begin, this guide will help you decide what to do with your baby nursery.

Hone in on the essentials

There are items that are absolute must-haves for a nursery—the items distinguish it from any other room in your home. Those are usually a crib, changing table, and a rocking chair of sorts. Think of these items as your anchors.

Are you going for an elegant vibe that matches the rest of your home? An eclectic one? These are the items that will do the talking for you, so make sure that these anchors are some of the first items on your registry. As you develop your nursery design vibe further, you can add those additional items like lighting and wall decor.

Select just the right theme for you

Your nursery will no doubt be the most fun room in your house, but the toys and baby items shouldn’t be what clues someone in to which room they’re standing in. That’s your nursery theme’s job.

You can go with a classic theme like jungle safari or space, or maybe something unique to your family like a Beatles themed nursery. Whatever you choose, organizing your nursery design around a theme can make selecting furniture and decor much easier.

Gender neutral or gender-forward?

If you know the sex of your baby and want to celebrate that with a more feminine or masculine nursery theme, awesome! Much like a nursery theme, designing your nursery around your baby’s gender can help you narrow down which elements feel true to your nursery style.

If you’re more interested in a more gender neutral nursery, that’s amazing too! A neutral nursery can blend in more cohesively with the rest of your home and help you choose items that fit your existing aesthetic.

As you decide what works and what doesn’t for your home’s nursery, you can add all your favorite items to your Crate and Kids registry. From convertible cribs to dressers that transform into changing tables, Crate and Kids furniture is made to last. Register for baby decor with a grown-up friendly aesthetic by tapping below.

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