5 things to look for in the perfect diaper bag

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Your diaper bag is going to third wheel every out-of-the-house excursion you and your baby go on, so make sure you have a diaper bag you absolutely love (and that has all the functions you need)!

Doesn’t look like a diaper bag

We don’t say this because diaper bags are shameful, we say this because you’re part of the new generation of moms who want the best for their little ones while still looking chic throughout motherhood. Because not only will your diaper bag contain baby’s essentials, it will be by your side throughout the entire start of your motherhood journey — so it should be something you love! We love diaper bags that look like purses we’d carry anyway or cute backpacks that have wide, comfy straps that keep us hands-free so we’re ready to take on motherhood.

Wide opening for accessibility

There’s nothing worse than a diaper bag, or even handbag, with an opening that’s too small, so you’re forced to dig deep just to find that one specific thing (like your keys!). When choosing your diaper bag, make sure you find one that has a large opening so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, like this purse-style with a unique frame opening, or this backpack-style with a wide zippered flap.

Lots of pockets for organization

Imagine if everything miraculously stayed where you put it? With enough pockets, that might be possible, or at least more probable. The main goal of your diaper bag should be to get what you need fast, and that’s much easier to do when all of your belongings aren’t hanging out in the mosh pit that most diaper bags’ main compartments become. We recommend looking for diaper bags with at least nine pockets. Trust us on this one.

Hands-free options

As a new mom, your hands will be full most of the time. Imagine holding your newborn with one arm, pushing your stroller with the other — there’s no third hand to carry your diaper bag. Whether you’re carrying your newborn, sending a quick email before you head out the door, or paying the cashier at checkout, keeping your hands free is an absolute game-changer for any new mom on the go. Keep outings with your baby stress-free by choosing a backpack-style diaper bag or one with multiple carrying options.

Invest in high quality

Your diaper bag is going to be by your side every day as a new mom, so make sure you invest in one that isn’t going to fall apart within a few weeks. Choosing a diaper bag brand that prioritizes quality makes a world of difference. We love HAPP brand because they control their entire manufacturing process by sourcing materials, hand-making the bags, and retailing them straight to new moms everywhere. There’s no middle person to mark up the prices or mess up the process. And that’s how we like it.

HAPP Brand

Our favorite diaper bags are from HAPP Brand. Their products are inspired by and made for the new generation of mamas who believe there’s no reason a diaper bag can’t be both chic and practical. Their line of perfect diaper bags are both beautiful and functional, and made with one-of-a-kind fabrics and the highest quality materials. These are definitely some of the chicest diaper bags we’ve ever seen and it’s hard to believe just how functional they are too. Tap below to see for yourself.

Discover HAPP

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