Finding connection when you’re TTC

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The process of trying to conceive can feel a little isolating at times, but there are plenty of ways to connect and find community.

Your partner and loved ones

It can be hard to feel like your partner or the people close to you truly understand what you’re going through. When you and your partner decided to start a family, you made that decision together. Committing to supporting each other and sharing this journey can help you feel more connected and like you’re on the same team.

Try sharing one word a day with your partner about how trying to conceive makes you feel, and have them do the same. Tracking how your fertility journey is impacting each of you individually can help you best support each other as a couple.

Your new TTC community

Because people often keep their fertility journeys to themselves, it can feel like no one else knows what you’re going through. If you’re comfortable talking about TTC, you can bring up the subject of your fertility journey and ask people you trust who have children what theirs were like. Knowing that people you care about have gone through the same process can be incredibly reassuring — their stories are probably more complicated than you know.

Another option is to seek community through Ovia or other online resources. If you want to be wowed by how many other people are trying to conceive right now, check out Ovia’s Community feature. Share your knowledge and learn from other people as you ask and answer questions. You don’t have to know someone to know what they’re going through.

Yourself and your body

There are so many new terms to keep track of when you’re trying to conceive that the process can make you feel like you don’t know your own body as well as you thought you did. It’s important to remember that you are the leading expert on your body as you read up on everything fertility-related.

There are also tools that can help you understand exactly what’s happening with your body and fertile window, like the Clearblue® Connected Ovulation Test System.

The Clearblue®️ Connected Ovulation Test System is clinically proven to double your chances of getting pregnant in the first cycle of use.1 It’s the first and only test system to track two unique hormones and connect via Bluetooth®️ to your phone. You can set smart reminders so you know exactly when your fertile window arrives and when ovulation begins. You can even share your results easily with your partner or healthcare provider.

Finding connection while you’re trying to conceive isn’t as intimidating as it seems. Tap the button below to connect with Clearblue®️.

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1 Vs not using ovulation tests

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