Giving birth to new emotions

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In addition to your hospital bag, there’s a lot of emotional baggage you’ll find yourself unpacking in the days after delivery. It’s a complex, joyous experience full of new feelings you never would have conceived of before conceiving.

Sometimes it’s beautiful

There’s a person in this world who exists because you made them. They hold parts of you that you won’t know they’ve inherited for years to come. They’ll change who you perceive yourself to be and the person you are out in the world, too. Do you need a tissue? We do.

Sometimes it’s challenging

Being a mom changes your patterns and your priorities. Many times, you’ll have to hold your baby rather than space for your own thoughts. Learning to take care of yourself and your baby at the same time can be a time-intensive process, but knowing that that time will come can help you be your best self through the infant stage.

Sometimes it’s rewarding

As a new parent, watching your baby smile for the first time feels more exciting in the moment than the day that will (probably) come thirty years from now when they cure cancer. Your tiny human will smile, crawl, ace a math test, fail a math test, make people feel special, be special. All because of your love and support (maybe not the failed math test—that’s on them).

Sometimes it’s terrifying

You’re not a doctor/mind-reader/healer/entertainer, but that’s what it feels like the perfect parent would need to be. You won’t always know what’s going on or what to do, but you have resources like Ovia, loved ones, family traditions, mobiles, and leakproof nursing bras.

Sometimes it’s wonderful

The birth of your baby brings the birth of a new title: mom. As you navigate who you are now, you deserve comfort and support for you, your changing body, and your journey. Our partners at Knix are introducing the newest addition to their family: Knix Maternity.

Knix Maternity is designed for the real challenges of motherhood. From latching to leaking, bump to birth recovery, you’ll feel comfortable and supported in intimates designed for you, your changing body, and your journey.

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