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What are the best sex positions for conceiving?

While there are no specific scientific studies for conception, some positions are considered more optimal than others. If you’re trying to conceive through intercourse, you may want to consider these factors when it comes to baby-making:

  • Deep penetration: before ejaculation, it is ideal that the tip of the penis is as close to the cervix as possible. This also shortens the distance sperm needs to travel and improves the probability that it survives.
  • Work with gravity: you should always aim to make sure that sperm has to do as little work as possible in order to reach the egg. Try to use gravity to your advantage during sex by tilting your pelvis.
  • Make sure it’s fun and orgasm: while it isn’t necessary for women to orgasm when trying to conceive, it’s been noted that orgasms can ultimately benefit getting pregnant. Not only do orgasms make a woman happy, they also open up and dilate the cervix. Orgasms also spur tiny contractions in the vaginal wall that help sperm move toward the uterus.

Sex positions to help you conceive

Trying these sex positions may help conceive when couples TTC through intercourse:

  • Missionary: Often considered the most optimal position for pregnancy, the missionary position has no shortage of benefits. The woman lies on her back, while the man is on top. Gravity works to your advantage here, as the woman’s pelvis is not facing downward. Deep penetration can be achieved and it allows couples to feel close and intimate. After ejaculation, try to keep the penis inside the vagina as deep as possible to ensure minimal ejaculate leaks out.
  • Rear entry: While it can be fun and spice things up, “doggy style” can actually be one of the better positions when trying to conceive. The woman gets on all fours, while the man either stands at the edge of the bed or kneels and enters from behind. It can be beneficial as it can deposit sperm as close to the cervix as possible. If conception through the missionary position has failed to succeed, this is a good alternative to try.
  • Side-to-side (or spooning): Lying side-to-side can be a very intimate and fun position, not to mention effective. In this position, the man can enter from behind in a spooning position or the couple can face one another. This position ensures that penetration is deep enough and ensures the pelvis is tilted the right way.

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