How to choose your breast pump

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You deserve to find the pump that fits you and your needs best. When you start your search with the right criteria in mind, you’ll have a much easier time finding just the right one.

Price and quality

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are now required to cover the cost of a breast pump for nursing moms. Depending on what kind of insurance you have, you may qualify to get a breast pump at no cost.

There are a lot of breast pumps on the market, and your insurance only allows you to choose one per pregnancy. As you start to weigh your options, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a high quality pump, and not just the most popular variety (which often aren’t the best pumps available).

Where to shop

There was a time when you would go to the store and shop the shelves for a pump. Today, that’s typically a way to end up with a low quality pump. Many name brands are familiar only because they’ve been around for a long time, and not always because they’re the most effective.

Be sure to contact your insurance provider, or, life hack, a company that works with them like Aeroflow to find out what kind of pumps you can get covered. Retailers will offer inflated prices, and while you might be able to get reimbursed for part of your purchase, you’ll have a lot better experience going through a breast pump provider whose entire job is to work with you.

Electric, or….double electric?!

A double electric pump will increase the efficiency of your pumping routine, allowing you to pump from both breasts at once. This will also greatly decrease the amount of time it takes you to pump, which is a blessing for moms who will be pumping at work. One of our favorites right now is the Motif Luna Double Electric Breast Pump. The sophisticated Motif Luna weighs in at 2lb and sports a compact, sleek design on the outside, with a powerful yet quiet motor inside that moms say helps them pump “more milk in less time,” so you can pump quickly at work or without your waking baby!


Some pumps are only powered by a cord, and a few have an internal battery. If flexibility in your pumping schedule is important to you, then you’ll want to really consider a cordless pump. A cordless, battery-powered pump will let you express milk wherever you are during the day.
Most moms who choose a battery powered pump come to rely on the options this unique feature offers them.

One of our top picks for portability is the Lansinoh Smartpump. This lightweight, portable pump combines modern functionality with ultimate comfort—it even has Bluetooth connectivity. Download the Smartpump app to track your pumping schedule, nursing schedule, baby’s growth, and much more.

Speed and power

A powerful pump can help you express more milk in less time. If you’ll be pumping at work, having a powerful pump will make your days a lot easier. The most powerful pumps on the market are called “hospital-grade performing” pumps and less powerful pumps are labeled “personal” or “consumer-grade.”

The Evenflo advanced double electric breast pump was one of the first hospital strength pumps to come on the market and if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Designed for durability, the Evenflo has been reliable for decades, but recently this built to last pump got a few innovative upgrades.


When you purchase a “pump,” that usually only refers to the base unit that supplies suction power. You’ll probably need extra tubes, flanges that properly fit your breasts, a tote, bottles, and freezer bags.

When you are choosing who to purchase a pump from, be sure to ask about what accessories designed for your pump are included or available for purchase. For instance, Aeroflow offers tons of breastfeeding accessories, like milk storage containers and nursing bras.

If you’re in the market for a lightweight, hospital-grade, portable pump that will be covered by your insurance, look no further than Aeroflow. Aeroflow Breastpumps makes it quick and easy to qualify for your free breast pump from top brands like Medela, Spectra, Motif, and more.

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