The part of body you’re forgetting to strengthen

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We’re glad you’re here for the great unveiling. The part of your body you’re likely forgetting to strengthen is your pelvic floor.

My pelvic what?

The pelvic floor is a group of interconnected muscles under the bladder. You can think of them like a muscular trampoline that supports the pelvic organs—the bladder, uterus, and bowel. Both women and men have pelvic floors, but only women have a uterus.

Like a trampoline, the pelvic floor can rise and fall as you flex and relax it. If you’re wondering how you could possibly flex a muscle that’s so deep inside of you, try isolating the muscles you use to stop the flow while peeing to know exactly which muscles you need to activate. In order to strengthen them, try lifting and squeezing those muscles up towards your belly button. That is how you flex your pelvic floor.

Weakening of the pelvic floor

Pregnancy and childbirth are the primary factors that can weaken the pelvic floor muscles. Weak biceps might make it difficult to lift heavy boxes, but you can always hire a mover to help you with that. A weakened pelvic floor, on the other hand, can lead to urinary leakage, which even the strongest mover can’t fix.

Not to worry though. Just like any muscle, you can strengthen your pelvic floor by exercising it after the baby is born. Stronger pelvic floor muscles may help reduce the chance of losing bladder control, which we promise you’ll thank us for every time you sneeze postpartum.

Strengthening of the pelvic floor

As is the case with most forms of exercise, there are correct and incorrect ways to train your pelvic floor. The way you want to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles is by squeezing and lifting them up. Some of the not-so-correct ways are to squeeze without lifting or to actually bear down.

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