Planning a baby-making vacation with Ovia

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You’d like to take a baby-making trip to get away and do a bit (or probably a lot) of baby-dancing. But, how can you make sure your travel plans line-up with your fertile window? There are a few simple steps you can follow.

Choose a destination

The first step in figuring out any vacation is deciding where to go. Will you be flying, or doing more of a staycation? In country or abroad? Somewhere exciting or somewhere familiar? Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure: romance should be the name of the game.

If you’re still deciding, consider downloading the Orbitz travel app. It’s a great way to browse travel options across the globe. You might just find some exclusive deals that make your search a lot easier. And when you book within the app, you can use offer code DOWNLOAD25 to take $25 off select hotels.

Check that calendar

Ovia is able to predict your fertile window a few months in advance. In terms of the science, that’s a ton of time, but in terms of travel planning, it’s cutting it a bit close. If you’re committed to a baby-making getaway (and we’re excited that you are!) then we recommend you start looking to book ASAP.

Log lots of data

The more information you log, the more accurately we can predict your fertile window in advance. So before planning your life around your Ovia calendar, we recommend spending some time rigorously tracking your data within the app.

Ovia is one of the most advanced fertility tracking and predicting systems in the world, but it isn’t a mind reader. The information it gives you is only as good as the information you put in.

A look into your fertile window

Sperm can survive in your cervical fluid for up to five days. When your egg descends from your cervix, you’ve got about 24 hours for it to become fertilized. Your fertile window is based on our calculations of when your egg is most likely to be descending.

That means, if you aren’t able to take a vacation that lasts the entirety of your fertile window, plan around as many “green days” as possible.

Get to booking

You’ve got your dates picked, your destination in mind, and you’re feeling fertile. Time to set some plans in stone.

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