Take a baby-making staycation

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Often we think of trips as big events, something we’re lucky to do maybe once or twice a year – but it’s not true! For the price of a nice meal, you and your partner can grab a hotel room and enjoy a quick romantic getaway.

If you’ve recently decided to stop using birth control, a staycation is a great way to celebrate.

If you’ve been TTC for a few months, staycationing might be just what you need to put the “love” back in lovemaking.

Our partners at Orbitz are big fans of staycations. Their #1 rated travel app, which you can download here, is designed to make last minute travel effortless. Their travel experts say that vacations are the single best way to rejuvenate and reconnect. Apparently we could all stand to take a break from reality way more often. With that in mind, they find staycations to be a practical, affordable solution.

When you book with the Orbitz app, make sure to use the code DOWNLOAD25 to take $25 off your reservation with select hotels.

What makes a staycation?

The idea of a staycation is to enjoy places near you that you otherwise wouldn’t normally get to. It’s a chance to rediscover your home town and appreciate all the fun things you don’t usually have time to indulge in. If you’re driving three hours away, that’s a vacation. We’re not dismissing vacations, but they just don’t provide the same comfort as knowing you’re in familiar territory.

Staycations are great because they’re stress-free. No annoying airports, no schedules to work around, no need to pack anything “just in case.” If you need a staycation, then you just go!

Make a couple plans

Nothing ruins a night like two people repeatedly asking each other “what do you want to do?” Get tickets to a show, choose an area you’d like to explore, visit a museum, or spend some time enjoying the outdoors. Remember why reservations are romantic – it’s all about anticipation and exploration.

Just don’t get too worn out! You’ve got some exercising to do in the evening…or afternoon.


Last minute rates on hotels can be surprisingly cheap, often more than half off their normal prices. There’s a button in the Orbitz app called “nearby and available tonight” that will give you a list of high rated hotels in your area offering last-minute, discounted rates. You’re about three taps away from your staycation destination.

Get started by downloading the Orbitz app. If staycations become a regular thing, you’ll quickly earn a ton of rewards by booking with Orbitz, making every romantic escape that much more affordable.

Nothing familiar

This last one is important. Just because you’re near home doesn’t mean you have to eat at the same old place, or even worse, do errands between activities! Try and discover something new – and who knows? Maybe you’ll even make a new person.

You could be on a baby-making getaway right now. Exciting, isn’t it? Tap the button below to download the Orbitz app and find hotels near you.

Make sure to use the code DOWNLOAD25 to take $25 off select hotels you book in the Orbitz app.

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