Your pre-baby “bucket list”

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Nine months can seem like a long time, but it might not last nearly as long as you’d think. It’s time to make a list, set some goals, then get it done. We have some suggestions of what you might want to include.

Visit your favorite restaurant

Most fine restaurants aren’t very baby-friendly. It could be a while before you’re able to enjoy your favorite spot, so be sure to stop by one last time. Remember, this isn’t goodbye, it’s just “I’ll see you later.”

Drive something other than a minivan

If driving provides you any sense of freedom, don’t take this advice lightly! Your car is about to become the home of errands, clutter, and cumbersome car seats. Take a long drive, maybe rent a fun car for the weekend, and generally enjoy the open road.

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Connect with an old friend

You’re a different person than you were ten years ago, and becoming a parent will be yet another large step in your personal growth. Before the big day arrives it can be important to reconnect with where you came from.

As social media becomes a bigger part of our lives, it can feel that we’re connected to the people we don’t often get to see, but nothing is the same as spending face-to-face quality time. Consider making an effort to get together with the individuals who have meant something to you, particularly if you won’t be able to see them once baby gets here.

Take a trip with the family

Your family is about to become a major support system. Before you’re asking them for favors, advice, or to take turns at changing diapers, why not make some joyful memories? It’s like thanking them in advance for all the work they will surely be doing soon.

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See a wonder of the world

After baby arrives you’ll still take trips, but those will be about sharing the world with your child. How about one last opportunity to become more “worldly” yourself? Some vacations are about fun, and some are about life experiences. Go live a story you’ll want to be able to tell baby.

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