Choosing your “babymoon” destination

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A second honeymoon or your pre-baby escape. A babymoon is whatever you need it to be. We’ve partnered with the travel experts at Orbitz to bring you a few destination recommendations to explore before your third trimester grounds you completely.

ACOG says that the safest time for a pregnant woman to travel is some time during the second trimester, around 18-24 weeks, and this is particularly true if you’re planning to travel by plane. That doesn’t leave much time to shop around.

Our partners at Orbitz makes it easier to book on the go when you download their #1 rated travel app. Be sure to use the code Babymoon25 to take $25 off select hotels when you book with the app. Using Orbitz, you’ll earn rewards and get the guaranteed lowest prices no matter where you are or where you’re going. Speaking of which…where are you headed?


Tropics. Cultural immersion. Romance. Historical architecture. Fine art and finer foods.

If your babymoon is about romance, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more romantic destination than Spain. The Canary Islands are a tropical paradise, Madrid has incredible heritage to explore, and Spanish museums house some of the finest works of art in the world.

For the lover of adventure, the pair who likes to get a little lost in order to find themselves, maybe a Spanish resort is right for you.


Hicking. Bird songs. Crisp air. Cedar forests. Hot cocoa. Stunning views. Fireplaces. Warm blankets.

Perhaps your babymoon calls for a northern escape. It’s easy to snuggle close when it’s cold outside, and if you’ve got some lingering nausea, fresh mountain air can do wonders. If your days are hectic, a Canadian getaway is a wonderful way to rest, reflect, and grab a little serenity.

And for the cuddly couple that wants to reconnect by finding some silence that needs filling, perhaps a Canadian lodge is what you’re looking for.

Turks and Caicos

Pampering. Lounging by the water. Sun and sky. Powder white sand. Rolling waves. Sailboats. Sunset cruise.

There are a lot of mothers for whom babymoon means just one thing: beaches! This pair of islands caters to travelers and you’re sure to find the perfect babymoon package among its many resorts. Splash in crystal clear water, dip your toes in the sand, and work on one last tan. Just make sure to take your baby-friendly sunscreen!

For the summertime sweethearts, the pair that needs some ocean air to warm their hearts, you can’t do better than an island bungalow.

A never before seen state

Living like a local. Exploring landmarks. A new nightlife. Affordability. Tons to see and do.

You can also think of this as the “as seen on TV” option. We’ve all got that one place we always wanted to see for ourselves. What’s yours? Whether you’re into old-school tours or just seeing what a new city has to offer, taking in a never before seen state is a wonderful way to spend your babymoon.

For the sightseers, a pair wanting to explore and learn from each other, a US hotel will ensure you have a great time.

You get to plan one last getaway before two becomes three (or four, or five). When you’re ready to start making reservations, remember that with the Orbitz app you’re always just a few taps away from your perfect babymoon.

Take $25 off select hotels with the code Babymoon25 when you book in the app.

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