Your last chance to bank cord blood

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The third trimester is here. Baby is getting ready to arrive. It’s time to give one final consideration to preserving your baby’s stem cells. Haven’t thought about it? Tired of talking about it? Here’s our final push.

Why you’re sick of hearing about it

This might be your first time learning about cord blood banking, in which case ignore this section. However, if you’re a modern mom entering her third trimester, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re hearing about cord blood banking everywhere you turn. That’s because it’s the latest, and one of the most exciting, trends in medicine that you’ve only got one chance to take advantage of.

Why now

Right at the moment of birth is the only time to capture these potentially lifesaving stem cells. Arranging for cord blood banking can take several days, and you need to have your collection kit in hand when you arrive at the hospital. This is just one of those decisions that needs to be made well in advance.

Why bank

Stem cells can currently be used in the treatment of over 80 diseases, with more uses for stem cells being discovered every day. It’s an exciting new realm of medical treatments that makes one ask: “Where will the science be in ten years? How many potentially deadly, or crippling diseases will be treatable?” We have no reservations when we say that the science is very promising.

Why we partnered with Americord

Cord Blood 2.0 is a patented system that allows Americord to harness more stem cells from cord blood and tissue than any other provider. The more stem cells your doctor has access to, the more potential treatment options become available.

For many families, banking cord blood is a serious investment, and we think Americord offers the best opportunity to make the most of that decision.

Why so expensive

Depending on the bank you choose, there may be a lot of fees associated with cord blood banking. There’s buying a collection kit, sometimes a fee for the collection itself, shipment costs, annual storage fees, and sometimes you’re charged for withdrawing stem cells from bank.

This is another area where Americord truly shows itself as an industry innovator. They charge one flat fee for processing, shipping and storing your baby’s stem cells for 20 years. Americord also has flexible payment plans available to make it much easier to cover the costs.

The third trimester of your pregnancy is the ideal time to order your stem cell collection kit. But we know that you probably have a lot of questions, so tap the button below to get in touch with your personal Cord Blood Specialist. They’ll be right with you to get all of your questions answered.

Meet Your Cord Blood Specialist

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