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zulily is a retailer that offers daily deals on a wide variety of products. Every day brings new “events,” which are sales on curated collections from top brands at up to 70% off normal retail prices. So should you wait for your favorite brand to appear, or pounce on a deal that looks too good to be true?

Something new every day

New zulily events open at 6 am PDT, with at least one new event starting every day. Events usually last about three days, but some are only around for twenty-four hours. There’s a timer on every event so you can see exactly how long you have to shop. Inventory is limited, so if you spot something you can’t live without, you might want to put in an order.

That’s what makes shopping with zulily so fun. You never know what you’ll find, and there’s always a chance you’ll discover something absolutely perfect for your personal style.

What about your favorites?

If you are hoping to find deals on brands you know, zulily can still be a great tool. After you’ve signed up, you’re able to click the heart-shaped icon to mark a brand as one of your favorites. Once you’ve done that, zulily will email you any time one of your brands is about to have an event.

More than just clothes

Shop for maternity clothes, for your partner, for baby, for the nursery, for the bathroom, for wherever! zulily has a lot more going on than just different ways to style your bump. Throwing in a bulk order of a few everyday essentials, or some jewelry to match your most recent purchase is what makes shopping with zulily so special.

The shipping process

One of the reasons zulily is able to offer such incredible prices is by placing one bulk order at the end of an event, which means shipping can take a little bit longer than the 2-day shipping offered by some other retailers. Waiting can be hard, but the anticipation means you’ll enjoy your order even more.

Check back every day, and we’re positive you’ll find something special from zulily. It’s a really unique shopping experience with prices that are almost too good to be true. We like zulily because they make the burden of having to buy a maternity wardrobe affordable and fun.

Tap the button below to sign up for zulily, all it takes is an email address and you’re good to go.

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