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You might be at risk of having a child affected by a genetic disease, but how can you keep your family safe from something inside your DNA that you can’t even see? That’s where CarrierMap from Recombine comes in.

CarrierMap is what is referred to as a “genetic carrier screen.” Basically, your DNA and the DNA of your partner are analyzed to determine if you posses any genetic traits that, when combined, may be harmful to your future child. CarrierMap is able to detect whether you and your partner are at risk of passing on over 250 different genetic diseases to your children.

Even if you don’t have a personal or family history of a genetic disease, you may carry a change in your DNA that could increase your risk of having a child affected with a specific condition. This single change doesn’t cause symptoms in the carrier, but can in their offspring. In fact, most children with a genetic disease are born to parents with no personal or family medical history of that condition.

For this reason, carrier screening is typically recommended for couples who are trying to conceive, or for mothers in their first trimester. Recombine’s CarrierMap is incredibly easy to take and can be ordered by your physician. With just a small amount of blood or saliva, you can find out if you are at risk of having a child affected with a genetic disorder.

And when your results are ready, you won’t be left to decipher this medical information alone. Ovia has decided to partner with Recombine in large part because they offer their patients the ability to work with a certified genetic counselor both before and after taking the test. These counselors can provide you with valuable information and help you make healthy decisions for your family.

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