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Pregnancy is a gift! Sleepless nights, sore feet, and constant trips to the bathroom are something else…whatever the opposite of a gift is. Thankfully, there are a number of safe remedies if you’re feeling uncomfortable.


You knew you would be tired – everybody talks about that – but what about actually not being able to sleep? Pregnancy discomfort can make it really hard to find those much needed zzzz’s. You can try cutting food or drink before bed, a white noise machine, or a body pillow. But if none of that works for you, our friends at healthy mama® have something that might. It’s called EaZZZe the Pain!™ and will help you put your insomnia to bed. The little capsules in every box of EaZZZe the Pain!™ contain a gentle, non-habit forming pain reliever and sleep aid that will help you finally get to sleep and stay asleep.


Being pregnant is an incredible gift, but being constipated sure isn’t! It’s really unpleasant feeling the need to go and not getting anywhere. Constipation happens to many pregnant women, typically due to anxiety, dehydration, increased iron intake, or most commonly, hormones causing your food to digest more slowly than normal.

Standard laxative pills can be dangerous for you as they might cause contractions or make your dehydration even worse. Our partners over at healthy mama® have a great solution they call Move it Along!™. These crushable tablets act fast and are dye- free and stimulant-free. Pregnancy is hard enough, so let healthy mama® soften the blow (and your stool) with Move it Along!™.

Sore ankles

Your body retains more liquid during pregnancy, and your growing uterus can restrict your veins, making it harder to drain blood from your arms and legs. You might think walking around on feet full of water would be like walking on a pillow, but it’s quite the opposite.

You can relieve swelling by putting your feet up, literally. Elevate your legs and give your ankles and toes a good stretch to encourage blood flow. If the pain is too much, and it might be, try Shake that Ache!™ from healthy mama®. Good for all your pesky aches and pains, Shake that Ache!™ is gentle on your stomach and contains the #1 OB-GYN recommended active ingredient.


If only morning sickness ended with nausea. Or stuck to the morning. Or stopped at the stomach. Frustratingly, what we typically call morning sickness is a symptom that can happen any time of day, and comes with a whole bunch of side effects like heartburn and indigestion.

Try eating smaller meals, do lots of chewing, don’t eat at night, and see if you can identify which foods are causing flare-ups. If you need to take a hose to the fire, consider Tame the Flame!™, another great product from healthy mama®. These dye-free mint chewables act fast to alleviate even the worst heartburn symptoms. Tame the Flame!™ uses the number one OB-GYN recommended ingredient, making them safe and truly effective.

All of the above

Some moms have a symptom-free pregnancy, or at least seem to. We think many moms just don’t share their worst discomforts. That’s why healthy mama® created their line of products, all designed to relieve the most common pregnancy ailments, whether or not they get talked about.

Take a look at the full line of healthy mama® products, available at select CVS, Walmart, and Target stores. Every one is a mom-friendly remedy designed to keep you comfortable throughout your entire pregnancy. You love your bundle, just not all the symptoms they bring with them!

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