All about ibxpress

Welcome to ibxpress! Through your IBX plan, you have access not just to coverage for your medical care, but to the tools and support offered by IBX itself. ibxpress is a portal designed to help you connect with all of the health resources you have access to.

Access to your health coverage from wherever you are at any time

You can check out ibxpress either at the website,, or by downloading the ibxpress mobile app. Whether you’re online or in the app, you can use ibxpress to check out your benefits, as well as any claims or referrals you may have, you can access the “find a doctor” tool to locate the right medical provider for you in your area, and you can look at your ID card if you don’t have the physical card with you.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for on ibxpress, or if you have any questions about your coverage or care, you can also access the IBX virtual assistant. With the IBX virtual assistant, you can start to ask any question you have, and the smart search feature will help you find the answer.

Finally, ibxpress offers members who pay for their IBX coverage from month to month the chance to sign up for e-billing. Customers who sign up for e-billing can receive and pay bills online.

Help getting healthy

IBX wants members not just to get the medical care they need, but to be as healthy as possible to begin with. ibxpress allows members to create an action-plan around personal wellness goals and then track and follow steps to meet those goals. Wellness goals could include anything from better sleep habits to healthier ways of handling stress, building strong nutrition habits, or figuring out an individualized exercise plans.

ibxpress also offers discounts for Philadelphia’s Indego bike-sharing program, which can be accessed through the ibxpress website.

Even more ibxpress

If having ibxpress at your fingertips either on your browser or in app form isn’t quite enough, you can follow IBX for wellness news and tips on social media including youtube, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress.

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