Baby BluePrints with IBX

Pregnancy is a busy time, and it can feel both like everyone has an opinion and like no one knows exactly what’s going on with you. During this time, having strong support from a few different sources is especially important. Your Independence Blue Cross medical plan offers a maternity program designed to offer just this kind of support, including an individual evaluation and health coaching.

Baby BluePrints

The Independence Blue Cross maternity program is called Baby BluePrints, and it is available to Independence Blue Cross members at no additional cost. The Baby BluePrints program offers 24/7 access to phone support with a Registered Nurse Health Coach, as well as a full evaluation on the phone upon sign-up. During the evaluation, a coach will assess for depression and answer questions about maternity care, postpartum care, and newborn care. Pregnancies that are assessed and found to be higher-risk will be referred to a specific Registered Nurse Health Coach who is specially trained in maternity care for extra support, assessment, and follow-up. 

To enroll in Baby BluePrints, you can give them a call at (800) 598-BABY (1-800-598-2229).

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