Ovia Family Award Winners: Diaper Bags

What are the Ovia Family Awards? 

Every year we ask Ovia parents to nominate the products and brands that supported their parenting journey and to tell us how/why they made such an impact on their lives.

We analyze thousands of votes, pieces of feedback, and thoughtful recommendations to find the best of the best to give an Ovia Family Award. When you see our seal, you know that what you’re buying was chosen by parents who have used it, trust it, and really do recommend it to families just like yours.

In this category, we’re giving awards for:

  • Best diaper bag brand

For all our other winners, visit our Ovia Family Awards Hub.

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Best Diaper Bag Brand: Skip Hop

Get a backpack diaper bag. This way you have your arms free, without it interfering with your balance.”

“Get a backpack! You’ll need that balance when holding baby.”

Before we start talking about Skip Hop, we need to talk about backpacks.

We asked moms to nominate diaper bags in a variety of styles including messenger style bags, totes, and high-fashion bags that look like purses. What we heard over and over was that when it comes to diaper bags, nothing compares to diaper backpacks.

Does that make this award category a lot less interesting and way shorter? Yes. Does it make it a lot more useful for you? Absolutely! And that’s what these awards are all about.

So, we don’t have a tote or fashionable diaper bag to recommend because, according to moms who have used them, they just aren’t worth recommending. Stick with a backpack that’ll leave your arms free, can store a lot more stuff, and will be easier on your back and shoulders.

Now, let’s talk about our winner!

“The Skip Hop bags and products are wonderful. They are not too wild and flashy. They put features in the products that matter most.”

“Super convenient designs, there’s a pocket for everything in my backpack-style bag. Plenty of room for all baby goodies!”

It’s important to get a bag that’s going to have enough space and pockets for all your needs. Skip Hop really shines when you consider all the thoughtfully sized and placed pockets that help organize everything you’ll need to take a trip with your little one. 

A simple hack to make sure the diaper bag you’ve picked has everything you need, is to use it for a few early changes at home. You’ll get a sense of what you might be missing and you’ll familiarize yourself with where you’re storing everything in the bag.

“Stylish, plenty of space if you have twins, and easy-to-carry backpack.”

Another reason a tote or purse style isn’t as useful is that another caregiver might not feel completely comfortable carrying it. Skip Hop has tons of great, gender neutral designs that will fit any outfit and any person.

“It is big enough to hold the needs of two kids and neutral in color for dads.”

“We have the Skip Hop backpack diaper bag which is neutral so both my husband and I feel comfortable carrying it. It is compact and practical. It doesn’t fit everything, so we often carry a small reusable bag with it when going somewhere for the whole day, but we didn’t want a giant bag since we mostly use it for smaller errands.”

You can check out everything about Skip Hop diaper bags here.

If you’re thinking of skipping this recommendation, take a look at the bags made by our other finalists:

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