Ovia Family Award Winners: Fertility Aids

What are the Ovia Family Awards? 

Every year we ask Ovia parents to nominate the products and brands that supported their parenting journey and to tell us how/why they made such an impact on their lives.

We analyze thousands of votes, pieces of feedback, and thoughtful recommendations to find the best of the best to give an Ovia Family Award. When you see our seal, you know that what you’re buying was chosen by parents who have used it, trust it, and really do recommend it to families just like yours.

In this category, we’re giving awards for:

  • Best ovulation predictor kit
  • Best pregnancy test
  • Best personal lubricant

For all our other winners, visit our Ovia Family Awards Hub.

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Best Ovulation Predictor Kit: Clearblue

Predicted my fertility dates spot on and helped me conceive.”

The key to identifying your most fertile days is knowing when you’re ovulating.

Understanding how to use an OPK and what the results mean can be confusing if this is your first time tracking ovulation. We’ve got lots of articles in Ovia that should be helpful, and the straightforward results of Clearblue make it a lot easier.

“Get the digital reader, it is worth the extra cost because it is so easy to read. Once I switched to Clearblue, I got pregnant the first month!”

While you’ll typically use an OPK to determine exactly when you’re ovulating, they can also be useful to find out whether you’re ovulating at all. As some moms reported to us:

“Since I have PCOS, no ovulation test really works for me because I don’t ovulate on my own. But I did try these at one point anyways & they accurately told me I wasn’t & were very easy to use, so I can say these would be great for anyone who actually ovulates. Lol.”

“It’s super easy to use and a great help in hitting your fertile window or knowing if you aren’t ovulating at all.”

Your Ovia cycle predictions get more precise as you enter more information. Using an OPK can help us spot your fertile days in future months, or provide detailed cycle information that your doctor can use to help you on your fertility journey.

You can learn about and shop for Clearblue OPK’s here.

In addition to Clearblue you could consider OPK’s from our other finalists:

Best Pregnancy Test: Clearblue Digital

I have always had trouble reading the lines on pregnancy tests but with the clear blue I never had a problem, they told me I was pregnant without a question of if the line was actually there”

Once again Clearblue claims a win in the Ovia Family Awards. This time for their digital pregnancy tests.

Most pregnancy tests use the same basic 99% accurate technology that’s been around since the ’70s. There hasn’t been much innovation in the past 40 years in large part because these kinds of tests work really well. Yet, as anyone trying to conceive will tell you, deciphering fuzzy lines on a pregnancy test is an awful experience. According to Ovia parents, Clearblue’s easy to read digital results make all the difference.

“I used every pregnancy test on the market and seeing the words instead of guessing if the lines were there or dark enough, was so much better for me mentally. I only have 1 functioning fallopian tube, so we had to really “try” for a baby and this made it WAY better!”

“When you’re actively trying to conceive, there’s nothing more agonizing than waiting for the lines to show up on a pregnancy test. Then, when they do finally show up, you’re pulling your hair out trying to decide if you’re seeing things or if there really is an EXTREMELY faint second line on your test. Taking a Clearblue test is…well…clear! No guessing when the results box reads “Pregnant” loud and clear!”

For clear results, shop Clearblue here.

If you’re looking for more brands to put to the test, consider our other finalists:

Best Personal Lubricant: PreSeed

We love it and we got pregnant with our son the first time we used it! He is now a beautiful 14-month-old.”

A quality lubricant can make sex much more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved. As you might know, a number of lubricants have chemicals that can kill sperm or cause them to move slower than usual. This is fine for couples having sex just for the fun of it, but when you’re TTC you want to do everything you can to optimize your chances.

That’s why so many Ovia couples recommend Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant.

“We loved it! I have issues with vaginal dryness and it helped us have enjoyable sex without harming our chances of having kids!”

PreSeed is isotonic and pH balanced. This means that it is designed to mimic your body’s natural fluids. You’ll find it’s very gentle and not likely to cause irritation. We hope that your search for a fertility-friendly lubricant goes smoothly. Ovia parents are confident that it will if you choose to try PreSeed!

“Still using it! Haven’t conceived on it, but it’s nice for when you need that extra lubrication for comfort!”

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