Ovia Family Award Winners: Diapers and Wipes

What are the Ovia Family Awards? 

Every year we ask Ovia parents to nominate the products and brands that supported their parenting journey and to tell us how/why they made such an impact on their lives.

We analyze thousands of votes, pieces of feedback, and thoughtful recommendations to find the best of the best to give an Ovia Family Award. When you see our seal, you know that what you’re buying was chosen by parents who have used it, trust it, and really do recommend it to families just like yours.

In this category, we’re giving awards for:

  • Best diaper brand
  • Best baby wipe
  • Best diaper pail
  • Best diaper cream

For all our other winners, visit our Ovia Family Awards Hub.

*All products featured are independently selected. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Best Diaper Brand: Pampers

I tried other brands but Pampers Swaddlers worked best at keeping my baby dry, preventing leaks, rashes, and blow outs.”

“We have tried every other brand of diaper available, but we have not found any that we love as much as Pampers Swaddlers. We have now deemed ourselves “diaper snobs” because we literally refuse to use any other kind.”

As you can read in the testimonial above, what stands out most about Pampers is how many parents trust these diapers over other brands they’ve tried.

They work consistently, which is really what you need most in a diaper. One bad leak can ruin the whole day.

“The only diapers we haven’t yet had a blowout in.”

“These have been the only diapers we’ve found that don’t consistently leak!!!”

“My children have had allergic reactions to almost all other brands of diapers I could try, except Pampers. And their rewards program is nice as well.”

Rewards? Oh yeah! The Pampers Rewards program is a great added incentive to choose this brand of diapers. They’ve got a simple to use app that gives you discounts and physical rewards as you scan every box of diapers you buy.

Stock up on Pampers here.

If you’d like to compare Pampers’ performance against some other diapers, let us recommend our other finalists:

Best Baby Wipe: Pampers

Best moisture and texture. Can’t stand the numerous others I’ve tried!”

“My favorite to use hands down!”

The same great reasons parents love Pampers diapers hold true for their wipes. Consistently great performance at an affordable price.

They’re hypoallergenic with no parabens or perfumes, and as Pampers says they’re “as mild as a washcloth and water.”

“I used this brand of wipes because they came highly recommended and I loved them from the very beginning. I like that there are no perfumes or dyes in it that could break my baby out. They really are sensitive to babies’ skin.”

“Perfect for a sensitive bum.”

If you’re curious to hear from more moms, you can read literally thousands of reviews for Pampers diapers and wipes on their website!

Get to know Pampers wipes here.

As you’re searching for the right wipe, you might want to consider our other finalists:

Best Diaper Pail: Diaper Genie & Ubbi

What? A tie?! Oh yeah, this year’s awards are full of surprises.

First, let’s talk about Diaper Genie.

Easy to use once you get the hang of it. Generic pail inserts are available, making it affordable for continued use. Absolutely controls even the worst stinky diapers!”

The classic diaper pail, we weren’t surprised at all to see so many parents out there recommending Diaper Genie. 

It has a few features that set it apart from similar products. Firstly, the foot pedal allows for hands-free use which is a must-have if you’ve got a wiggly toddler you need to keep a hand on. It twists bags closed using “Double Air-Tite Clamps” that work along with their special diaper pail bags and carbon filter to eliminate as much odor as possible.

“Keeps the smell contained and holds a good amount of diapers!”

“A lot of people told me diaper genies are a waste of money and not needed, but I love mine! It makes it so easy to dispose of dirty diapers and it masks the odors.”

Check out Diaper Genie here.

Now let’s talk about Ubbi.

The thing that it really has going for it is that Ubbi is one of the only diaper pails that allows you to use regular garbage bags!

“Yes!! Use whatever garbage bags you want and NO smell!!! No extra filters or anything special to buy either.”

“Our Ubbi diaper pail is FANTASTIC. Not only does it keep the smells at bay, but it also allows you to use your own garbage bags instead of having to buy special bags meant just for the pail. The only downside is that the opening is rather small, so you have to be careful when depositing diapers with large “gifts” from your baby.”

Most other brands require special bags and filters which can make them really expensive to use over time. It’s also really frustrating if you run out of bags! Another great thing about Ubbi is that they’re made from stainless steel. One reason other diaper pails require those special bags and filters is that their plastic construction can trap odors and bacteria – but not Ubbi!

The biggest, and maybe only, knock against this diaper pail is the lack of hands-free use.

“The Ubbi is the best diaper trash by far! It’s stainless steel so it doesn’t absorb smells over time like plastic does. Has a toddler lock for little explorers that may try to mess with it. It keeps diaper smells inside so much better than any other diaper trash I’ve used, which has been lots. It comes in many color options to blend into your nursery decor so much better!”

Find out more about Ubbi here.

For a couple more options, though they might pail in comparison to our winners, consider:

Best Diaper Cream: Aquaphor

We originally didn’t have a diaper cream category when we sought nominations for the Ovia Family Awards. Yet, our Ovia parents were so vocal about their love of Aquaphor that we simply had to give them an award.

Aquaphor has a two-part solution. Their Baby Healing Ointment is used after every diaper change to create a protective layer on baby’s skin, and their Diaper Rash Cream starts to heal instantly in the event a rash develops.

You can learn more about the Aquaphor system here.

At this point, we think it’s best to just share some of the awesome testimonials we received for Aquaphor. Here are just a few quotes from the many Ovia parents who rave about Aquaphor:

“Aquaphor baby is amazing. We used it from the moment he was born for his bottom. It clears his butt rash almost instantly. We have tried the normal Aquaphor Baby and the diaper cream version, LOVE both!”

“Aquaphor is amazing on my little one’s behind. Within a few hours her rash is completely gone. Even if my girl doesn’t have a rash, I use it to protect her private parts. It’s an amazing product every mom should try at least once on their baby.”

“My little struggled with eczema for a while when he was younger and none of the lotions or natural remedies seemed to help. I finally purchased Aquaphor Healing Ointment for Baby and within a day I saw results. It helped both me and my baby feel better.”

“I used it for my youngest for the first time, she was a preemie, and it really helped prevent skin irritation and rash, that was the last thing we needed when she was born. I have used it on my other kids as well now and it’s great.”

“This is the only diaper rash cream my baby isn’t allergic to! Clears up a rash after a day of use. Only product I’ll use.”

“My daughter has really bad eczema. When we use Aquaphor, you wouldn’t even know she had eczema unless I told you. It keeps her skin smooth and itch-free!”

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