Ovia Family Award Winners: Maternity Clothes

What are the Ovia Family Awards? 

Every year we ask Ovia parents to nominate the products and brands that supported their parenting journey and to tell us how/why they made such an impact on their lives.

We analyze thousands of votes, pieces of feedback, and thoughtful recommendations to find the best of the best to give an Ovia Family Award. When you see our seal, you know that what you’re buying was chosen by parents who have used it, trust it, and really do recommend it to families just like yours.

In this category, we’re giving awards for:

  • Best maternity clothes brand
  • Best maternity jeans
  • Best nursing bra
  • Best recovery wear
  • Best plus size brand

For all our other winners, visit our Ovia Family Awards Hub.

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Best Maternity Clothes Brand: Motherhood Maternity

Since they focus only on designing clothes for mamas to be, I found their fit to be the best throughout my pregnancy! They also had great sales and a stylish selection.”

When it comes to a one-stop-shop for all your maternity clothes, Motherhood Maternity says everything you need to know right in its name! They are, unsurprisingly, our winner this year.

From formal wear to sportswear, recovery wear to the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever put on, Motherhood Maternity has everything you need to look and feel great throughout your pregnancy and after.

“Motherhood Maternity clothes have such a wide selection on how things fit that it made finding clothes to fit my unique size and build so much easier. Beyond in love.”

What really makes Motherhood Maternity so special is the number of stores they have. As your belly grows and your body changes, it can be a lot harder to shop online and trust that you’ll get something that fits right. Their in-store associates can help you find what fits, and obviously you’ll be able to try everything on before you buy it.

“They have by far the best variety and are high-quality clothes, but can be a bit pricey. Luckily they do offer lots of sales so be strategic about when you shop.”

“They have a nice price range (similar to Target, sometimes a little less), they almost always have a sale, online shopping is easy and fast, and I love that they send samples with every purchase!”

Ovia parents couldn’t stop telling us about the awesome sales that Motherhood Maternity offers throughout the entire year. We were also excited to learn that they offer a 10% discount to teachers and military families!

Get to know Motherhood Maternity here.

For some other great maternity clothes options, swing by our finalist sites and stores:

Best Maternity Jeans: Motherhood Maternity

Would rather not wear any pants, but when I had to…Motherhood Maternity Jeans were the way to go.”

Mom Jean
1: an unfashionable denim pant categorized by a high-waist primarily worn by moms of the late ’80s and early ’90s
as in: “If you think Motherhood Maternity jeans are mom jeans, think again.”

A good pair of jeans is a staple in any maternity wardrobe, and probably the most versatile article of clothing you’ll own. From the waist down, Motherhood Maternity Secret Fit Belly jeans look like any normal pair of jeans, and come in every style and cut you could want. But lift up your shirt and you’ll reveal the stretchy, breathable, panel that covers your belly while keeping your pants…well…on.

“The stretchy tummy panel is by far the most comfortable & stretchiest I’ve found.”

“They are comfortable and fit the best so no sliding up or down.”

You’ve simply got to try these pants out to believe how comfortable they are. As a few parents told us, if there isn’t a Motherhood Maternity store near you, check your local Macy’s!

“Sizing is right on and I love that you can order them online, not only from their store but also Macy’s!”

“Macy’s carries Motherhood Maternity so you can use your Macy’s card for the discount!”

Explore Motherhood Maternity jeans here

If you’d like to size up the competition for yourself, our other finalists were:

Best Nursing Bra: Motherhood Maternity

I love these. I wear them until they fall apart. The fabric is soft and stretchy and holds its shape. They’re super comfy and go on special often so you can get a few at once.”

Winning their third award in the category is Motherhood Maternity. Your nursing bras are going to need to stand up to a lot more wear and washing than you’re used to. Motherhood Maternity has a huge selection of styles all designed to pass the tests of motherhood with flying colors.

Motherhood Maternity nursing bras support and stretch, so they’ll grow with your changing body. Most have simple, single-handed clip downs that nursing moms really appreciate.

“Supportive nursing bras are so hard to find. They have some great ones that are also affordable and SO comfortable.”

“The bra gives great support and is very comfortable. The snap-off straps are very easy to use.”

“The Jessica Simpson line is incredibly comfortable and fits great! Perfect for daily wear and for going back to work!”

Find your Motherhood Maternity bra here

For more great options to support you, take a look at our finalists:

Best Recovery Wear: Blanqi Maternity Leggings

These maternity leggings were the best things I purchased. They are so comfy, wash well, and give you a nice silhouette. I like the matte versions more than the postpartum because of the belly paneling.”

Our winner for best recovery wear, Blanqi Maternity Leggings, also doubles as a fantastic option to support your growing bump throughout your pregnancy.

These awesome leggings are so much more than your typical athleisure. They completely cover your belly and have a built-in anchor to lift and redistribute the weight of your baby bump. An x-shaped back support reduces the pressure on your lower back and as, any pregnant mom will appreciate, the materials are breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking to keep you feeling cool and dry.

“The finish is beautiful and thick, but doesn’t make you all sweaty. It provides a light compression which really helped at the end of 2nd trimester into 3rd.”

“Veryyyyy stretchy, order pre-pregnancy size because you have a ton of room to grow!”

Blanqui also makes dedicated postpartum leggings that are specifically designed to engage your core and help secure your belly. As they put it, Blanqui products are “designed for bodies that motherhood made.” With that in mind, we couldn’t be happier to give them this Ovia Family Award!

Try on some Blanqui here.

Our other awesome finalists were:

Best Plus Size Maternity Brand: Kindred Bravely and PinkBlush

The most wonderful thing about the Ovia Family Awards is that we leave everything up to the Ovia Community. From nominations to voting, to thousands and thousands of write-in brands and comments we let you tell us what products new parents need to know about.

Two brands came up time and again in this category as offering incredible support and options for plus-sized moms. We’re so excited to give each an award.

Kindred Bravely

“Soft, easy to work with, and definitely can cover a full rack.”

Kindred Bravely offers beautiful bras designed for all body types. If you’re wondering how to size a maternity bra, we recommend starting with their fit quiz, which can help you find the perfect bra.

“Very comfortable and designed well. Fits a good range of sizes as well! Love the nursing/pumping bra!”

“Accommodate larger breast sizes, very comfortable!”

In addition to making wonderful bras, Ovia parents also wanted us to highlight the great customer service and helpful community available through Kindred Bravely.

“They are so soft and amazing. They feel more like a regular bra/sports bra and work very well. The company is also fantastic and so supportive (pun intended).”

“Not only do they have the softest bras, but they also have an amazingly supportive online community for nursing moms.”

Learn more about Kindred Bravely here


“I bought almost all my maternity clothes from Pink Blush. They have a great collection of plus size maternity, and the dresses and pants are long enough for taller women.”

“Great quality. Cute. Easy returns. Only plus size-tall option!”

Ovia parents recommend you explore the comprehensive lines at PinkBlush Maternity. If you’re worried about shopping online, PinkBlush stylists are available by phone and text to help you find your look and their customer care team makes it as easy as possible to get exactly what you’re looking for.

“No hassle returns with free shipping are perfect for the expecting and newly postpartum moms when trying to find what fits their new body.”

PinkBlush takes a unique approach to creating maternity clothes that will look great as your belly grows, and for years after you deliver. 

“The fit was perfect, the material was incredibly soft and comfortable with just the right amount of stretch, and the prices were unbelievable. I bought two dresses, one for my maternity photoshoot and another for my bridal shower, and I have worn both of them since having my baby, even after losing most of the baby weight. They’re phenomenal flattering dresses at amazing prices!”

Shop PinkBlush here.

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