Ovia Family Award Winners: Strollers

What are the Ovia Family Awards? 

Every year we ask Ovia parents to nominate the products and brands that supported their parenting journey and to tell us how/why they made such an impact on their lives.

We analyze thousands of votes, pieces of feedback, and thoughtful recommendations to find the best of the best to give an Ovia Family Award. When you see our seal, you know that what you’re buying was chosen by parents who have used it, trust it, and really do recommend it to families just like yours.

In this category, we’re giving awards for:

  • Best stroller brand
  • Best stroller
  • Best jogger stroller
  • Best double stroller

For all our other winners, visit our Ovia Family Awards Hub.

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Best Stroller Brand: Graco

Graco strollers are affordable and get the job done! Great for walks in the park as well as through the grocery store.”

For best stroller brand, we were looking for a company with a full line of strollers of every kind, that are able to serve the needs of any family. For Ovia parents, that brand is Graco.

Graco has a commitment to safety and affordability that you can see in every one of their 50+ stroller products (assuming we counted them correctly). 

“Grace offers five-star rated strollers for safety and has more affordable options than some of the other brands.”

Many of Graco’s products are all part of their “Click Connect” system. Any Click Connect car seat will fit into a Click Connect stroller, which lets you mix and match the styles that fit your family best while letting you easily go from the car to the store aisle and back. You can read about how Graco and their Click Connect system swept our travel category here.

“Graco Click Connect is everything!”

“Click Connect Graco is amazing. The car seat can be used in the car and stroller.”

To check out more about Graco Click Connect, click here

The other finalist brands fit for a stroll with you and your baby included: 

Best Stroller: UPPAbaby Vista

Amazing smooth ride and easy steering. Packs up quickly and will last through multiple kids.”

This was our most contentious category. Maybe because there are so many stroller brands, and maybe because for new parents a stroller is such an important part of their lives. This hard-won Ovia Family Award goes to the UPPAbaby Vista.

Some features of the vista include an extra-large bottom bassinet to carry all your gear, shock-absorbent suspension which supports no-puncture wheels, and little legs that let the stroller stand on its own after being folded for seamless storage between adventures.

Unlike a lot of the options from our winning brand Graco, the UPPAbaby Vista can’t really be categorized as affordable. Even with a hefty price tag, Ovia parents still stand by making the purchase if you can manage it.

“This is what we splurged on and it was worth every cent and then some.”

“If you’re looking to splurge on a trendy stroller or travel system this is the one to get.”

For families that’ll be growing and going, the adaptable Vista is an investment for the long haul.

“UPPABaby Vista is incredible! We’ve taken it with us traveling, folds right up to bring on the plane. Easy to use, lightweight, and versatile for day-to-day. Also, can convert to three child stroller if you plan on having more kids. Highly recommend!”

Get your UPPABaby Vista here.

For other great stroller options, be sure to take a test drive with our finalists:

Best Jogger: Graco Fast Action Jogger

This stroller is amazing. You can change the seating to forward or parent-facing. The child’s cup holder is removable for easy loading. The rubber wheels are durable for city walking and running. Plenty of storage space in the lower basket and folds nicely. A little big, but a good asset if you like to exercise with your little one!”

If you’re a runner or lead an active lifestyle, there’s no reason your baby can’t be a part of it! That’s where a jogger stroller comes in – they’re specifically designed to go fast, hit bumps, and keep on rolling. This year, Ovia parents have awarded the Graco Fast Action Jogger.

“Affordable jogger – get all the functionality without breaking the bank!”

This stroller has a simple design that allows it to fold up almost instantly with just one hand. You’ll find convenient storage for your phone, a drink, and any other small items you might take out on a run. Air-filled tires provide good suspension to keep you moving smoothly.

“Graco joggers are great! A bit heavy and bulky but a smooth drive.”

“It’s big and heavy but the ease of folding it can’t be beat and it’s great in terms of maneuverability.”

A few parents discussed how heavy the stroller is, which is actually what you want in a jogger. If you get something too light, it can be harder to handle and is more likely to get jostled. We’re confident you’ll love hitting the trail with a Graco. That is if you can get your hands on one…

“This was my first pick but was sold out everywhere. That’s how amazing it is.”

Check if they’re available here.

If you can’t find a Graco Fast Action Jogger, it might be worth running out and picking up one of our other finalists:

Best Double Stroller: UPPABaby Vista

Gives you the ability to have multiple seat positions for each kid.”

That’s right, the Vista won in two categories! Honestly, that’s kind of incredible. It just goes to show how much parents appreciate all the smart design features of the Vista. As one Ovia parent mentioned above, the Vista easily converts to grow with your family. With a simple adapter, you can add a second bassinet or car seat, and then when your oldest is able to get around on their own there’s an attachable ride-along board for them to stand on.

“It’s easy to have different attachments for different aged children.”

UPPAbaby also makes it easy to combine car seats from other leading brands. They sell adapters that make the Vista compatible with certain Chicco®, Maxi-Cosi®, Nuna®, and Cybex infant car seats.

Explore the versatility of the Vista here.

If you’d like to triple your options for double strollers, take a look at our other finalists:

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