Prepping your partner for the hospital

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The big day is fast approaching. You probably think about it every day as you prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally. But…how is your partner doing? It might be time to check in and pass on some of your good vibes.

Will they also need a hospital bag?

There’s a chance you’ll be spending some time recovering at the hospital, and it’s a great relief to have your partner by your side. In addition to everything in your hospital bag, your partner might want to pack a change of clothes and a book for themselves. This is especially true if your friends and family aren’t able to come keep you company.

It’s one more thing to pre-plan, but it’s totally worth it.

Are they running interference for the family?

Speaking of friends and family, sometimes you’ve just got to get a little air. On the big day, some people want to be surrounded by friends and family as they share their new bundle of joy with everyone who will look. Others though might want some peace and quiet to recover, reflect, and connect.

It can be hard to ask for the space you need, especially when everyone is there out of love. Talk with your partner about how comfortable they are putting their foot down when you need some private time. Your nurse can also let people know that “visiting hours are over” at just about any hour of the day…

Will they be filming?

You might want to decide beforehand how social you want to get with your special day. Should your partner capture every moment? Should they live-tweet the whole event? Or are you fine with just one final photo when you at last get to hold your newborn?

Remember that you can always change the plan on-the-go. While you’re in labor, if you want your partner to transition from photojournalist to super supportive birth coach, just tell them. Your partner is your ally, there to fill any role you need.

Who will cut the cord?

In movies, the baby comes out, the doctor asks if the partner would like to cut the cord, and then they do it in one fast snip. In many cultures, it’s tradition. In reality, it’s not always that simple.

When it’s time to cut the cord, a nurse or doctor will place two clamps on it, cutting off blood flow to a section and ensuring that mom and baby won’t feel a thing. That’s where the cut will take place. The umbilical cord is about an inch thick though, and doesn’t always break on the first snip.

Some partners might prefer to let a professional do it, or want to be hands off during the birth. Hopefully whatever their decision is it will be made free of pressure, from society or anywhere else. Cutting the cord is a great way for your partner to feel involved in the birth, but it’s by no means required.

What will it be like to meet their baby?

You’re getting quite acquainted with baby. Though you can’t hold baby in your arms yet, they are so much a part of you. Your partner is having a very different experience. They know their baby is in there, but birth is the first time they really get to experience any kind of real physical connection.

It’s a moment full of sentiment. Magical and heartwarming. A tad stressful, but mostly just incredible. Probably a bit overwhelming. They might even faint. What we’re saying is, there’s a lot to take in. Hopefully you’ll have an opportunity to talk with your partner about what it will be like and get them prepared to finally meet their beautiful baby.

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