The great diaper debate

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With a newborn on the way, this is a great time to give some consideration to your diapering preferences. Learn what’s out there, and discover what the best choice is for you and baby.

Why use disposable?

Many moms feel more comfortable using a disposable diaper, which makes them very popular. In fact, about 95% of American families use disposable diapers. They tend to be easier to change than cloth diapers thanks to easy to fasten tabs, and for disposal, you just throw them away. If another caretaker will be changing your baby on occasion, they might not know what to do with a cloth diaper.

Disposable diapers are also likely to keep your baby more dry, which can help prevent diaper rash. Just make sure to change their diaper often, since baby might not feel when they’ve made a mess.

Perhaps the best thing about disposable diapers is how easy they are to use on the go.

Why use cloth?

While the initial investment in cloth diapers is quite high (a few hundred dollars) they will save you a lot of money in the long run (likely several thousand). Also, if you have a working washing machine, you’ll never run out of diapers when you use cloth — that means no last-minute or late-night trips to the store. For some moms, this makes them a more convenient option than disposable diapers.

Some moms worry about the chemicals used in disposable diapers and whether or not they are dangerous. It varies a lot from one brand to the next how safe a disposable diaper is, but a number of chemicals, dyes, and fragrances used in disposables have been linked to developing allergies, rashes, and even asthma. While not every disposable is created the same, you’ll have a hard time finding a cloth diaper made with any of these potentially harmful materials.

Another great thing about a cloth diaper is their reduced impact on the environment. It’s estimated that some 20 billion disposable diapers are thrown away every year in the United States alone. All of those diapers had to be manufactured using trees and plastics, then are moved to a landfill where they could take many years to biodegrade.

Why use natural/biodegradable diapers?

This option is kind of the best of both worlds. While natural diapers are often more expensive than other disposable diapers, they’re more likely to be free of potentially harmful ingredients, both for baby and the environment. Bambo Nature diapers are certified and guaranteed to be free of all known allergens. They’re also made of compostable materials, so they’ll more easily biodegrade once thrown away. And perhaps best of all, they’re produced using sustainable foresting practices. If you’re interested in choosing a more natural disposable, Bambo Nature diapers are the most ecologically friendly diapers on the market.

Even if you decide to use cloth diapers, a natural disposable diaper can be a great way to fill in the gaps of your diapering routine. You’ll have all the convenience of using disposable diapers on the go, without having to worry about allergens, harsh chemicals, or damaging the environment.

What’s your diapering budget look like? Do you want to spend more money, or more time, diapering your baby? How much does environmental impact matter to you? These are all important questions, and you’ll want to give them some consideration before you decide on your diapering strategy.

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