This important test is just like an ultrasound

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The ultrasound has become the go-to prenatal test for couples eager to see how their baby is developing. Increasingly doctors are recommending parents-to-be take a genetic screen as well. An ultrasound shows you how your baby is developing; a genetic screen gives you detailed information on your child’s genetic health. In a lot of ways, a DNA screen is like an ultrasound for your genes.

Our partners at Counsyl have developed The Family Prep Screen, which identifies whether your baby may be at risk of inheriting any of more than 100 genetic diseases. Fortunately, you can take the test even before conceiving, which gives you plenty of time to make informed decisions.

A DNA screen is like an ultrasound in a lot more ways than you’d think.

Both identify pregnancy risk factors

An ultrasound can indicate a baby’s size, position, and rate of growth. It’s also used as a diagnostic tool, which can alert your physician to manageable pregnancy risk factors. What The Family Prep Screen can do is identify more than 100 health conditions that could be passed from parent to child. Several of these are treatable early in life. Getting that information now lets you make informed decisions for the benefit of Baby.

Both are becoming a routine part of prepping for a healthy baby

Most parents can’t imagine skipping an ultrasound. Not only can it let you monitor Baby’s development, it lets you know if you’re having a girl! Or a boy!

Genetic screening is becoming just as common a part of family planning. Understanding whether your baby may be at risk for Cystic Fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, or Wilson’s Disease, among others, before becoming pregnant can help you plan for the best outcome.

Both are explained by a medical professional

To the untrained eye, an ultrasound might not look like much. It takes a professional to show you how that black and white blot translates into a baby, much less figure out what it says about your baby’s development. That’s true of genetic screening as well. You’ll need to order The Family Prep Screen through your doctor and then discuss your results with them. Those results will contain a lot of important information that your doctor, or a genetics expert from Counsyl, will help you make sense of in addition to offering guidance on next steps.

Both are affordable

An ultrasound and The Family Prep Screen are covered by most major insurers, though how much of the cost is picked up varies by plan. If you don’t have insurance, or are underinsured, you can buy the Family Prep Screen for $349. Counsyl also offers financial assistance and support for patients who need it.

Learn more about Counsyl’s Family Prep Screen, and what your genes can tell you about the health of your baby.

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