Getting more milk in less time with breast massage

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It sounds wild, but breast massage is an incredibly effective way to pump more milk in less time while increasing the amount of milk expressed. There are many secondary benefits too!

Lactation consultants, also known as the experts who coach new moms and help make breastfeeding so much more manageable, have been preaching forever about the benefits of breast massage. Let’s dive in.

What are the benefits of breast massage?

Breast massage is a “two birds, one massage” sort of thing. The two main benefits of regular massage are that it can reduce the time it takes to pump and increase the amount of milk expressed.

In case you missed that, what we’re saying is: more milk in less time. As if that wasn’t enough, breast massage also reduces the occurrence of mastitis and clogged milk ducts, relieves breast engorgement, and can increase the nutritional value of the milk you express. Studies have shown that new moms who combine breast massage with pumping express higher levels of fat-rich, calorie-dense milk.

Even though 83% of new moms start out breastfeeding, only 25% are still breastfeeding exclusively six months later. This is largely due to time and work conflicts plus the challenges that come with pumping. If breastfeeding is your feeding preference, breast massage can be a pumping gamechanger.

What’s the right breast massage technique?

If you’ve ever received a massage from a lactation professional or an experienced pal, you know that you need different techniques, pressure, and duration at different moments. With everything else that’s going on when your baby is brand new, adding hands-on pumping to the list can be a lot.

That’s why Nurture by Imalac was created. The first wear-all-day nursing and pumping bra with attachable massage cups for hands-free massage while you pump solves the challenges of hands-on pumping. Nurture provides progressive, circumferential pressure from the chest wall forward — truly mimicking the technique lactation consultants recommend while you pump.

You can customize the way Nurture massages through the controller or their mobile app to determine speed, pressure, and hold time. Nurture was designed by top lingerie experts to be the perfect combination of comfort, function, and style.

Made for modern motherhood, Nurture by Imalac promotes greater milk expression and significantly reduces pumping time, allowing you to take back your day.

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