What moms love about Be Well Rounded! prenatal vitamins

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Our partners at healthy mama® make a prenatal vitamin that gets a lot of love. It eliminates nausea, and won’t cause constipation. Read on to learn more about why this prenatal vitamin is so highly rated, and hear what real people are saying about Be Well Rounded!

No horse pills means it’s easy to swallow

If you’re experiencing morning sickness, swallowing a horse pill with breakfast is probably the last thing you want to be doing. Then you have to take another one with dinner? Forget about it.

Be Well Rounded! comes in a small, easy to swallow pill. There’s no artificial dyes, gluten, or chemicals that will upset your stomach. You also only need to take them once a day.

Using a prenatal that’s easy to take will help you have a much more positive outlook on your pregnancy nutrition. After all, what good are vitamins if you can’t keep ‘em down?

It’s free of unnecessary additives

Things like artificial dyes, gluten, sugar, milk, chemicals or mercury might upset your stomach so healthy mama® eliminated them from Be Well Rounded! FD&C dyes may make some pills look pretty, but for something that you’ll be taking every day healthy mama® believes it’s safer to use a natural alternative, so they color their pills with beet juice.

Less constipation and nausea

You need a lot more iron in your system during pregnancy, as your blood volume could increase by as much as 50%. More blood means more red blood cells, and that means a big increase in your iron intake.

Many moms soon discover that their prenatal vitamins, which are packed with tons of iron, can cause some rather uncomfortable constipation. Ferrochel iron is a special iron blend that’s easier for your stomach to tolerate and digest.

You’ll get all the iron you need, with none of the rather uncomfortable side effects, so you can save the pushing for labor!

They like that it doesn’t give you fish burps

DHA is a beneficial, but sometimes ignored nutrient for you, and for Baby. DHA supports optimal infant brain, eye, and nervous system development, and is particularly valuable in the third trimester when Baby’s brain does a lot of growing. It’s not something that humans produce on their own so ensuring that you get some DHA in your diet or with supplements is important.

Be Well Rounded! comes with easy to swallow DHA softgels to help you get the proper amount of this important nutrient. These softgels are a mercury-free source of Omega-3, and won’t cause the dreaded fish burps you might get from other DHA supplements.

It’s got great stuff in it

Be Well Rounded! contains 19 essential vitamins and minerals including 100% of your daily value of folic acid and Lutemax 2020, a powerful antioxidant that promotes better eye health for both you and Baby. This is a complete prenatal vitamin system that will help you have a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy. Tap the button below to order your two month supply of Be Well Rounded!

Use the code OVIA25 to take 25% off your entire order! Healthy mama® products are also available at select Target, Walmart, and CVS stores (tap here to use their store locator).

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