Pregnancy fitness…what’s it all about?

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You’ll hear time and again that you should be regularly exercising throughout your pregnancy, which sounds like just about the hardest thing you could be doing while pregnant. So what’s really the point, and what are the goals at the heart of a fit pregnancy?

It’s about healthy weight gain

Your healthy weight gain will depend a lot on your own personal fitness level. Definitely have a conversation with your healthcare provider about your weight targets, and an acceptable range to try and stay in.

But remember, it’s a range. Your weight will fluctuate, your rate of weight change will differ, and you’re probably better off not obsessing about it.

It’s about maintaining

Don’t worry about making significant gains in your fitness level during pregnancy. Try to include at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day as recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. This can be as simple as taking a 15 minute walk twice a day.

During your pregnancy you’ll gain some weight (which you’re supposed to) and you’ll likely spend a bit more time off your feet than normal (which you’re also supposed to). If you can maintain a healthy fitness level throughout your pregnancy, you’ll be doing just what you need for yourself and for Baby.

It’s about creating a routine you can sustain

The difficult thing about creating a pregnancy fitness ritual is how many adjustments you need to make as your belly grows. It can be frustrating to switch up a whole routine that you worked so hard to get yourself into. Consider starting something that you’ll be able to do from today, through your due date, and maybe even after.

Our partner Leah Sarago is a mom, and a prenatal fitness expert. While pregnant, she created a comprehensive training plan with a series of 15 minute workouts that are easily modified for moms of all fitness levels, trimesters, and with bellies of any size.

“>This DVD also includes pregnancy specific stretches which will relieve tension and stress in those aching muscles especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

You’re a lot more likely to keep a routine that doesn’t need frequent adjustments.

It’s about feeling proactive

Your body is going to change – that’s inevitable. But how in control you feel about those changes can be improved by how proactive you are with your own physical fitness.

Having trouble comfortably standing up and sitting down? Try incorporating more squats into your routine.

Feeling achy when you get out of bed? Maybe some morning yoga is in order.

You might find that you feel a whole lot better about those discomforts when you’re actively doing something about them.

A regular exercise routine during pregnancy will certainly help you meet your postpartum weight goals, and may even help with postpartum recovery. Set some goals, get serious about a routine, and start feeling better by experiencing the health benefits exercise provides for you and your growing baby.

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